Full moons have always brought about a sense of excitement and new energy. Strange things start to happen, and people act, well, outside of normal. Does a Super Moon affect us more?

Based on astrology, when the moon is full, it travels into one of the zodiac signs. Since each zodiac sign is different and encompasses a unique set of traits, the moon affects all of us in different ways, depending on its position.

A super moon is special because it means the moon is closer to Earth than usual. This causes it to be 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter in the sky, which is amazing to see.

The super moon on Tuesday, December 13 will be in Gemini, which represents activity, expressiveness, and pensive thoughts. The June-birthday sign is dual-natured, bringing about bursts of new energy and change.

If you open yourself up to the Gemini energy and let it guide you, you can greatly benefit from the positive changes the super moon will offer.

Here are 4 things you need to know about the December 2016 super moon!

1) Communication is Key

If you’ve been holding something in, now is the time to get it out! Maybe you’ve been putting off a conversation that you know will be uncomfortable or might spark confrontation. Don’t worry about it! It’s better to get everything off your chest, then hold it in and potentially self-destruct. Or, maybe you’ve been putting off getting in touch with old friends, or maybe even new friends. Remember that lunch date you promised? With the moon in Gemini, your social and communication skills will be top-notch, so now’s the time to follow through!


2) Time for Self-Expression

Now’s the time to spruce up the way you present yourself to the world. A lot can be said for the way you conduct yourself without words. Let your style, behavior, and actions speak for you. Maybe there’s a new blouse you’ve been eyeing, or maybe a new type of makeup you’ve been dying to wear. Just be careful not to take it too far or go too bold. Changing the smallest thing could make a huge impact. If a difference is what you seek, analyze the situation before acting.

3) Keep Those Thoughts Positive

Because Gemini is a dual-natured sign, it can bend someone either way. Don’t let negative energy take you over! Pay close attention to your thoughts because they are the number one thing that affects your mental health. If you make a note to remain fair, balanced, and honest throughout the month, you’ll be in tip-top shape for success.


4) Monitor Your Thoughts and Words

Keep tabs on yourself. Be mindful of both your words and your actions. Since communication will be on fire this month, a lot of words are going to come out of your mouth, and your goal is to make sure they remain positive. As we know, things can turn ugly pretty quickly, especially in the form of gossiping or fighting. If you sense negativity creeping in, turn the conversation to a positive note. Otherwise, others might misinterpret your words as rude or condescending. Even if someone doesn’t treat you fairly or talks down to you, keep smiling. You know what they say about karma!

Watch this video to find out more about Tuesday’s super moon!

Sure, the 2016 Super Moon has come and gone, but this applies to other super moons, as well. Just like Mercury in Retrograde! Find out how that affects the Gemini in your life (or you!).