While there are many colors in the extrovert rainbow, they are often dismissed as all the same. And it seems, for some reason, most of the focus in society is on introverts! After all, extroverts are too busy doing whatever loud, crazy and energizing things extroverts do, right?

Wrong! Or, inaccurate, anyway. Not all extroverts march to the beat of the same drum.

Some of them are leaders. Others are visionaries, or intelligent debaters. Some are soft-spoken but confident, while others are loud and self-conscious. And while some extroverts need their alone time, others get bored if they are away from people from too long. Some of them love to read and discuss philosophy. And some crossover into the land of ambivert or, depending on the circumstances of their life, fully-fledged introvert.

So, what kind of extrovert are you? Even if extrovert burst out of every pore of your personality, perhaps one facet of your extroverted nature shines more brightly than the others. Or, even if you traditionally identify as an introvert, perhaps there are parts of you that fit more into the extroverted side of things.

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