Gemstones, it seems, can connect to us on personal levels. For ages, gems have carried around great significance, each one varying in meaning and implications. For example, moon stones represent intuition and patience. And the snowflake obsidian stands for persistence and overcoming obstacles.

And with all that gems represent, there is also a gem that matches your personality.

Are you confident and driven? Maybe you are steadfast and loyal, and do well concerning matters of diplomacy. Or maybe you’re shy and withdrawn, but sensitive to the needs of others. Whatever personality traits you carry, there is a gem with your name on it.

However, while your favorite gemstone might be a ruby, or your birthstone might be an opal, what this quiz assigns might be something entirely different. Who, knows, though, after you’ve learned what gem is yours, it just might become your new favorite!

And whether you are bold like a malachite or you sparkle like a diamond, you are just as unique as any individual gemstone sample. Go you!

And now, unique one, take this delightful quiz to reveal your personality gem!