What is your most dominant intelligence trait? Maybe you have superb verbal skills. Or perhaps you excel at understanding the moods and emotions of others. Or it could be you have a strength that is spiritual, giving you a dominant intelligence trait of existentialism.

Whatever your most dominant intelligence trait is, the quiz below promises to reveal it.

However, if none of the above sounded like you, there are plenty more possible results.

Maybe you are logical, intelligent, and analytical. This enables you to thrive in abstract thinking,  numbers and critical thinking. If this is you, you’re likely good at math. You understand the world through logic and through a series of systems with clear rules and laws.

Or maybe you have a sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, and tones.  People with this dominant  trait normally have good pitch.  They are able to sing, play musical instruments, and maybe even compose their own music.

Which description sounds like it might be you?

Take the quiz to discover your most dominant intelligence trait!