Most people want to grow useful and pretty things around their homes, but sometimes that can seem impossible. Certain plants need special soil and specific water schedules to grow the way they should. It can be a little confusing.

This is especially true of roses. Many people want them, but few know how to grow them successfully. Well, that is all about to change!

Believe it or not, roses can be grown from cuttings, or pieces of a rose plant! Learn how below!

roses01 Guia de Jardineria

First, dig yourself a little trench and add a little sand to the bottom. The sand makes drainage possible, which protects your roses from mildew.

roses02 Guia de Jardineria

Next, cut some sections off the rose plant you want to grow. The sections should be about 10-12 inches long.

roses03 Guia de Jardineria

This is super important! Remove leaves from the rose cuttings until only 2 or 3 remain. A couple of leaves will help the roses grow, but too many will kill them.

roses04 Guia de Jardineria

This is the fun part! Drill or cut some holes into potatoes and stick your cuttings in them. The potatoes help the roses maintain moisture so they can grow roots.

roses05 Guia de Jardineria

Place each rose plant in the trench, and cover them with dirt. The stems should be covered about halfway up. As you can see, the potatoes also make planting the cuttings much easier! Water your roses right away. Then watch the moisture level in the soil over a period of days to determine an appropriate regular watering schedule.

In about 2 weeks, you should see plenty of beautiful roses!


Check out this video to learn more!