No one likes cleaning the bathroom. Whether you are a mom or living with a roommate, there are always disturbing little messes waiting.

Worse are the harsh chemicals that are often used for cleaning the surfaces in the bathroom. Bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, and tub scrub are all harsh on the skin, eyes, and lungs.

There is a powerful, inexpensive alternative we all can use safely. It’s vinegar. Vinegar alone, or mixed with other safe ingredients, is perfect for cleaning all the surfaces of your bathroom in no time.

Water stains, a dirty toilet bowl, and even a neglected shower or tub stand no chance against the amazing cleaning abilities of white vinegar.

After watching this, I am ready to tackle my bathroom. No more harsh chemicals for me!

There is also a very surprising mirror cleaner in the video. I can’t wait to give it a try! My mirrors need it!

Check out the video below!