She Sticks Forks in Her Garden for a Truly Genius Reason!

Gardening can be a therapeutic way to relieve stress, achieve some quality alone time, and bask in the beauty of nature. A backyard garden can add character and beauty to your home, while you reap the benefits of your hard work with natural and delicious foods and herbs to enjoy.

There are gardening enthusiasts, and there are those who don’t exactly have a green thumb, but they would love to see a garden in their yard. If you identify with the latter, but you shy away from gardening from fear that your plants might not grow healthy and strong, these tips and tricks were made for you! Use these clever gardening hacks to ensure a beautiful and successful garden.

1. Use a muffin tin as a planting guide.

muffin tin

A muffin tin may be meant for baking, but in your garden, it can be used to create a perfect grid to guide you when planting your seeds. You’ll know exactly where to put them and how to space them out!

2. Use glass bottles to form a path.

glass bottles

If you have kids who love to play outside, use glass bottles to let them know where to step. Form a path using the bottles to make sure your garden doesn’t get trampled!

3. Create garden markers using a hammer and some old spoons.

hammer and spoon

Carefully flatten some old metal spoons with a hammer, then grab some colorful paint and get creative!


Don’t they make the coolest garden markers? If you don’t have any old silverware lying around, plastic spoons work too! Next time you get takeout, save the spoons to use in your garden.

4. Keep your plants hydrated using old bottles.


What to do with an empty wine bottle? If you’re worried that your plants aren’t getting enough water, fill an old bottle with water and place it upside down in your plant!

5. Use plastic forks to fortify your garden.


If you have unwelcome visitors in your garden chewing on your plants, stick forks in your garden — pronged side up — to keep invaders out!

6. Turn a colander and silverware into a planter and wind chime.

wind chime 1

Instead of throwing them out, hang old lightweight kitchen utensils from the bottom of a colander, then flip it over and fill it with your favorite plant for a DIY planter and wind chime mix!

wind chime 2

7. Use glass bottles to add some flair to small spaces.


If you don’t have room for a backyard garden but would love to add some greenery to your space, cut an opening in the side of an old bottle. Add a little soil and place a plant or seeds inside!

8. Use old cans as plant holders.

spray can

After washing out an empty can, use a can opener to remove the lid, then grab a can of paint and start spraying!

cans 2

Each can will probably need a couple coats of paint to cover the original logos, text and colors. After your cans are dry, fill them with soil and plant your favorite herbs inside. You’ll be left with an instant herb garden that’s perfect for a small space, and requires minimal work.

Happy Gardening!

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The IKEA Hydroponic Indoor Garden Kit – Great Way To Start Growingvia IKEA USA

Posted by David Wolfe on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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John Lavis - April 5, 2016

use glass bottles on a path…if you have kids who love to play then use glass bottles to keep them off your garden???? I would be more concerned about them getting cut on one of these glass bottles you line either side of your path…dumb idea sorry

    usaguy - April 6, 2016

    They didn’t say break the bottles and put the pointy end up.

      John Lavis - April 6, 2016

      Well that was obvious by the picture but then you throw children in the mix and you could possibly have broken bottles sticking out of the ground…usaguy you are not very smart if you cannot put 2 and 2 together. This maybe a good idea if they were plastic bottles but I doubt it is a good idea to use glass as glass breaks/shatters and leaves sharp edges and then indicate it is a good way to keep children on the path. What child do you know would stay on the path when there is grass to play on?

      John Lavis - April 6, 2016

      what if a child were to trip over and fall onto one of these glass bottles that are not broken with a pointy end pointing up?…would you risk your child?

        Tajwid för systrar SFM - April 11, 2016

        your PMS hasn’t passed yet, obviously.
        relax, bread out. admit. and let go of it.

          John Lavis - April 11, 2016

          take an English lesson champ and come back when you are legible :)

    Kathy Palmer - April 7, 2016

    Perhaps John there is an assumption that you should use your own best judgement with any of these ideas. Gosh I get so tired of sanctimonious comments because someone didn’t write a 900+ page rider on how this will affect children, what ages, types, are they autistic, non-autistic but on the spectrum, tall, skinny, athletic, not athletic, mature for their age, wearing glasses, not wearing glasses, loud, quiet, quick to react, not quick to react, girl, boy, allergic to glass, GOD there might have been nuts in the bottle – do we need a nut alert as well, “just in case”?
    News flash John, some of us don’t have children in our garden and might actually like the idea and be able to take whatever precautions are required for our own garden and lifestyle.
    I have dogs, rambunctious dogs that would probably break one or two of them so my thoughts were – “Cool idea, but won’t work for us – I can just see the big throw rope in the middle of the tug of war being flicked at a bottle and having it smash” – why do you have to mock the person who posted it? – make the sweeping statement “dumb idea” – no, NOT a dumb idea, just won’t suit everyone – which would be basic common sense to most of us.

      John Lavis - April 7, 2016

      You mean sanctimonious comments like yours?
      You are tired of people having an opinion?
      Nobody mocked anyone but here is an idea, why don’t you pull your head in and let me have my opinion.:)
      It is a dumb idea and I am entitled to my opinion as it would not suit me either and what about when you have a party and someone trips and falls…would you be covered with insurance for this totally stupid idea of lining an outside pathway with glass bottles?
      Basic common sense lol…did you use any when you decided to berate me across the internet
      Children are children no matter whether they are young or older or autistic or not and to use blasphemy to get your point across is a little old to or tiring also. I do see the article was specifically directed at, and I quote;
      “If you have kids who love to play outside, use glass bottles to let them know where to step. Form a path using the bottles to make sure your garden doesn’t get trampled!

      children, so again I am entitled to my opinion and if you don’t like it then you should have just shook your head and moved on but instead you had to wag your tongue at me in a disparaging manner, so no wonder you don’t have children as I hazard a guess that you would have had average to low bracket parenting skills. Not to postulate that mine are without errors but again I emphasize that this is not safe for children to play near, around or on but then how would you know that not being a parent. :)
      Have a nice day and I hope the PMS passes quickly :)<<<smiles

        Tajwid för systrar SFM - April 11, 2016

        How rudely bully-obnoxious.
        Well, it was said before: if you’re not ashmed, do whatever you want. So he did.

        Kathy, thank you for the time, effort and good will that you laid in writing and sharing these ideas with people <3

          John Lavis - April 11, 2016

          Rudely obnoxious for having an opinion? Since when did it become rude to have an opinion dumb@ss?

    Ruth - April 11, 2016

    I agree John. Plus it is a very unattractive look.

Gail - April 8, 2016

Are you people that board that all you can do is run some ideas into the ground? They are just suggestion’s and of course what might work for one person might not be good for the next person.

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