We are all taught at a very young age that brushing our teeth is essential for a healthy body.It’s true. Poor oral hygiene is linked to a whole list of other health problems like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Yes. Oral hygiene is that important!

However, the commercial toothpastes we commonly use is not always the best option. Not only are they full of chemicals we really don’t want in our bodies, but some of them also come with their very own microbeads.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “What are microbeads?”

Microbeads are very small pieces of plastic that some companies like to put in their beauty products. They are often found in face scrubs and toothpaste. Specifically, some types of Crest toothpaste are known to contain microbeads. You can read Crest’s info covering why they put microbeads in their toothpaste here.

However, these microbeads can get stuck in people’s gums and between their teeth!

Check out the video below to learn more!

Microbeads also find their way into our water and even our food. They are too small to be filtered out by water processing plants. They then absorb toxins and transfer those toxins back to us. (source) They are completely unnecessary, so we should avoid them.

Check the labels of any beauty products and toothpastes you use for the word polyethylene. If it is in the ingredients, don’t use them!

As a great alternative, you can make your own natural turmeric toothpaste! It works much better than regular toothpaste and it is completely safe!

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(h/t: My Health Mag)