This beautiful little video titled The Life of Death was hand-drawn by Marsha Onderstijin, an animator and storyboard artist from the Netherlands. It follows a recognizable but friendly version of death as he goes about his day doing what death does.

Honestly, death reminds me of a little child, and it is with his childlike innocence that he goes along touching animals that need the peace of eternal slumber. One can almost feel death’s pain when he finally realizes that if he touches what he loves, he will lose it forever.

My favorite part of this film is the artistry. Everything is so simple, yet so emotional. Just looking at death in this piece brings up feelings that most of us would never associate with the character. I also love how the video portrays him as a loving companion, not a terrifying force.

The first time I saw this video, it left me with tears in my eyes and a chill down my spine.

Check it out!

The end of the video is truly heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. The deer knew who he was the whole time and accepted him as a friend.

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(h/t: The Spirit Science)