What goes in bottled water?

It’s a bit of an odd question, isn’t it? I mean, surely it’s just water – right? Maybe, at most, a bit of salt?

Well, if the bottled water in question is Dasani, you’ll find a bit more than salt and water on the label. There are some additional ingredients – two of which are potassium chloride and magnesium sulfate.

Now, unless you’re a farmer or a hit man, those names probably mean nothing to you.

So here’s the skinny.

Potassium Chloride


Potassium chloride, as the Writer’s Forensics Blog shares, makes for one of the most genius chemical murder weapons out there. Let’s backtrack a little.

Your body actually produces potassium chloride – but just enough of it. Nobody, except patients with abnormally low levels of potassium, needs any extra.

Interestingly enough, it’s especially not recommended for people suffering from dehydration. And yet… it’s in water. Huh?

Anyways – dehydration sucks but death is a lot worse. And death is exactly what happens when your body gets too much potassium chloride.

In fact, the compound is actually one of the main components of a government-ordered lethal injection. And when the government wants to kill someone they don’t play around – so you know potassium chloride is some serious stuff.

The effect of potassium chloride is quite similar to that of a heart attack.

Potassium chloride can also be found in fertilizer.

The reason it’s found in Dasani? For taste.

Magnesium Sulfate


Wait – hold on a second. Isn’t this stuff good for you?

Yes, yes it is – most of the time. Magnesium sulfate, also known as Epsom salt, works wonders for everything from removing toenail fungus to volumizing hair.

The problems begin with magnesium sulfate when it’s placed in something as commonplace and necessary as water.

You see, while most people would read the label on an anti-fungal cream, who would possibly think that their bottled water could potentially harm their fetus?

And yet, that’s exactly what the magnesium sulfate in Dasani bottled water can do. That harm comes in the form of fetal bone damage. The risks begin when the pregnant mother consumes magnesium sulfate for more than 5 days straight.

Unless said mother is planning on just taking a couple days off from water altogether, I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to kick Dasani to the curb for good.

But Why?

Why on earth are these chemicals in bottled water? Whose idea was this? What sort of evil, twisted mastermind is behind Dasani?


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Dasani isn’t the only bottled water brand you should stay away from. Check out this post to learn about a few more you should cross off your grocery list – and why.

Looking for safe bottled water? David recommends skipping the plastic altogether and drinking bottled water from a glass container instead. Better yet! Go to the source and get your water from a natural spring!

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