Cajuput essential oil, distilled from the twigs and leaves of the cajuput tree, is a warming, camphorous substance that serves many purposes. It can, for example, be used as a pain reliever, fever reducer, and be used to treat respiratory issues as well. It’s similar to tea tree oil, in that they both come from the same family of trees, but each oil has its own distinct makeup as well as its own set of uses. (1)

To learn more about cajuput essential oil, here are 10 of its amazing uses and benefits:

1. Fights Infections

You might consider keeping a bottle of cajuput essential oil in your first aid kit, because it’s extremely efficient at fighting infections from bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It can even fight off tetanus, staph infections as a MRSA treatment, and infectious diseases like cholera and typhoid. (2)

2. Deters Insects

cajuput essential oil deters insects

If you’re looking for an insect repellent, try cajuput essential oil. It’s strong enough that even its diluted form is effective at driving away mosquitoes, ants, and other unwanted pests (however, it does not work on cockroaches). Consider dipping your mosquito nets in a diluted cajuput oil solution. (3) Furthermore, this oil may help rid of intestinal worms, if you ingest a mild diluted solution. (4)

3. Relieves Congestion

Like eucalyptus oil, cajuput essential oil can be used to relieve congestion. Consider using it to relieve symptoms associated with respiratory illnesses, such as laryngitis, pharyngitis, and bronchitis. (5)

4. Promotes Perspiration

Cajuput essential oil, as mentioned above, created a warming effect, and it also activates secretions and promotes circulation. As it’s a stimulant, it activitaes the Eccrien glands, which promotes perspiration. This is helpful to the body as it aids in ridding of toxins.

5. Reduces Pain

While you should only consume cajuput essential oil in highly diluted solutions, doing so may help relieve pain, as this oil is analgesic in nature. Consider using it for joint pain, muscle pain, and as a natural headache remedy. It has also been used to relieve pain from an infected tooth.

6. Skin Care

This oil can also keep your skin looking great. It brightens skin tone and helps protect it from skin infections such as furnuculosis. As such, it’s commonly used in cosmetics as well as antiseptic creams. (6)

7. Reduces Fever

cajuput essential oil reduces fever

As cajuput essential oil induces sweat, which cools the body, it can also be used to reduce fever.

8. Eliminates Flatulence

With its carminative properties, cajuput oil can give you relief from gas. Not only does it restrict the formation of gas, it also aids in removal of gas that has already formed.

9. Fights Inflammation

Cajuput essential oil cools and relaxes the blood vessels, which helps reduce swelling. Consider using it for pain associated with neuralgia, as cajuput oil is also analgesic.

10. Clears Obstructed Menstruation

cajuput essential oil clears obstructed menstruation

You can use cajuput oil clear obstructed menstruation. And as its anti-spasmodic, you can also use it to relieve cramps. (7)

Proceed with Caution:

While there have been no serious issues associated with this oil, large doses and/or highly concentrated doses may cause irritation. Only use mild doses, diluted with water.