Most people have vibrant and incredible ambitions as children. From astronauts to pilots and musicians, the dreams we have as children really are something.

But how many of us actually go on to achieve those ambitions?

That was one of the questions psychologist Carol Morgan posed to her readers.

To those who responded in the negative saying that no, they hadn’t accomplished their dreams, Morgan presented the following signs as examples of things that might indicate why exactly those dreams went unfulfilled.

I suggest taking a read through them to see if any describe your situation. It could be a good motivator to get yourself moving again.

1. You feel like you spend too much time on things you shouldn’t be doing.


Video games can be a fun escape. Television too. But if you find yourself getting stressed out about the amount of time you’re spending on any one particular pleasure, it’s time to analyze things.

Does the activity serve you well? Does it help you lead a better life? Is it taking away from time you spend doing things that do serve you well and are helping you serve a better life?

2. You’re complaining a lot.


Life can be overwhelming, we all know that. Even though we all know that, there are some people who constantly complain about their job, their boss, their family, their spouse… The list goes on.

If you’re someone that constantly complains about things with no intention of actually getting up and changing them, that’s a sign that you’re wasting your time.

3. You constantly talk negatively to yourself.


No other form of communication has as much of an impact on your life as the way you speak to yourself. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t… either way, you’re right.”

If you go about life telling yourself that girl is too pretty for you to ask out or that position at your company is too high for you, that will become your reality. Be very careful about what you say to yourself because it will seep into your actions.

4. You’re constantly uninspired.


Many people swear they don’t have a passion. I know a lot of people like that. But in a world with as many niches and possibilities as ours, is that really possible?

There must be something out there that will bring you happiness. If you’re constantly uninspired and feel there’s nothing new to be discovered, it may be time to get out and take a good look around.

5. You have no plans for your future.


This is one of the most obvious signs that you’re wasting time. What we do today can either satisfy our temporary desires or it can help us build something greater for tomorrow.

While it is of course important to enjoy the present moment as much as possible, don’t let that mean you wind up being reckless with your life or your savings. Figure out where you want to get in life and then figure out what you need to do to get there.

6. You spend too much time with people who don’t help you grow.


Some people are energy vampires. They’ll suck up all your energy and resources and give you nothing positive in return.

If you’re spending too much time with people like that, it’s time to reevaluate who you hang out with. Find people with similar goals that make you feel like you’re moving forward when you spend time with them.

7. You spend too much money on things that don’t matter.


It’s important to budget money for pleasure and things that you enjoy. But having those things should never take away from your ability to afford necessities.

There are lots of people who drive luxury cars and own luxury houses who are struggling to pay for them. Luxury items are bonuses for people who can afford them. There’s nothing wrong with your character if you can’t – your circumstances are just different.

Try prioritizing your spending. That doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things. If you want to buy a Rolex, great. Save for it over a long period of time instead of buying it right now. 

8. You don’t take care of your body.

shutterstock_335916848 (1)

The ultimate waste of life comes from pushing yourself too hard in other areas and neglecting your health. It’s easy to do in a world where we’re overworked and under-slept.

But when you hit a brick wall due to the fact that you’ve neglected your health, you will give everything you have to get it back. Why not prioritize your health by eating right, sleeping properly and getting enough exercise?

Please use this list as a motivator to get yourself to where you want to be.

Don’t beat yourself up if parts of this list describe you. We all have shortcomings we must work to overcome. See it as a challenge!