If you’re like me, you love citrus fruits. They are the perfect refreshing snack on a warm spring day. Lemon slices are great in water and you can’t beat fresh-squeezed orange juice. The very thought of digging your nails into a ripe orange is enough to make your mouth water! But before you throw your citrus peels in the trash, think twice. There are numerous ways you can use citrus peels to add a boost of flavor to your life.

Just remember, when enjoying an orange, lemon, or lime, organic is best. Be sure to only use peels from fruit that has been grown in a pesticide free environment.

Here are 7 Fantastic Ways to Use Citrus Peels:

1. Citrus Zest

You can use citrus zest to add flavor to a variety of dishes and baked goods. Using a fine grater or zester, grate the citrus peels to create a fine zest. You can even freeze unused portions for later use!

2. Lemon-Infused Olive Oil

For a truly gourmet treat, use your lemon peels to make lemon olive oil. Add 2-3 tablespoons of finely grated lemon zest to a cup of extra virgin olive oil, pour into a glass jar and allow to stand for two weeks. Shake the mixture occasionally. Pour the oil into a strainer, discard the zest and your oil is ready!

3. Citrus Scented Counter Cleaner

Save your orange peel and put it in an air-tight container. Cover the peels with white vinegar. Let it sit for a couple of weeks then strain out the peels. Now you have a natural, orange-scented cleaner! For a different scent, lemons and limes also work well for this.

4. Coffee Cup Stain Remover

Tired of looking at the mucky brown caked on the inside of your favorite coffee mug? Put some lemon peel into a coffee stained mug, add some warm water and allow to sit for a few hours. Pour out the mixture, scrub the mug, and the coffee stains should disappear! It will also work on tea stains.

5. Homemade Vitamin C Powder

Opting for homemade vitamin C is better than using store-bought as it still contains live enzymes. Here is what you do: Peel your washed, organic citrus fruits. Cut the peels into small thin squares, place on a cloth and put them by a window that gets a lot of sunlight. Allow the peels to dry and shrivel for a few days, then grind them into a powder and store in an airtight container.

6. Cat Deterrent

Cats are lovable, but your garden should not be their litter box. If this sounds familiar, here is a solution: Scatter orange peels around your garden to stop cats from “doing their business” in undesirable areas.

7. Potpourri

To add a fresh burst of scent to your home, dry your citrus peels and then mix with other dried herbs, spices and flowers. Just dry them as you would for the vitamin C recipe, then mix them with other dried goods.

For more ideas on what to do with your citrus peels, watch the video:

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