How often do you check the ingredient list on the products you buy? If you fill your cart at the store without much thought to the toxins that may be hiding in each item, chances are your home is filled with cancer-causing toothpaste, laundry detergent, household cleaners, and more. Do you have any of these cancer-causing products right now?

Here are seven cancer-causing products that are hiding in almost every home:

1. Shampoo

Many, if not most, shampoos on the market are full of cancer-causing chemicals. These include sodium lauryl sulfate, parfum/fragrance, parabens, and synthetic colors. Studies have shown that parabens are a known carcinogen. One study found that 99% of breast cancer tissues that were tested had parabens in them. Fragrance and other toxins are associated with cancer, birth defects, nervous system disorders, and allergies. Head & Shoulders shampoo specifically contains fragrance, along with synthetic colors, SLS, and many other chemicals. (1)

If you like that sudsy feeling, then try some Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap.  But you can always make your own shampoo!


2. Non-Stick Cookware

We know Teflon is bad, right? When the research came out, companies moved to replace polytetrafluoroethlyene (Teflon) with perfluorinated compounds (PFC’s). These new compounds aren’t much better. These plastic polymers release toxins when heated to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. One study found that heating Teflon cookware for just 2-5 minutes on a stovetop can cause the coating to break apart, emitting toxic particles and gases. Some of the chemicals in non-stick coating are considered potentially cancer-causing. (2)

Instead, give cast iron skillets a try!

3. Plastic Bottles

When you drink from a plastic water bottle, the chemicals in the plastic can seep into your mouth. Many companies are scrambling to add a “BPA-free” label to their plastic bottles, as research piles up about the dangers of BPA. Studies have shown it can cause cancer. (3)

Be careful with refillable non-BPA water bottles. These may also contain cancer-causing compounds. Better yet, try a glass bottle. It’s a good alternative for both you and the environment.


4. Air Fresheners

Many people keep air fresheners all over their homes and even in their cars. Air fresheners are usually made with a synthetic fragrance that is full of toxic chemicals. Instead of listing all the chemicals on the back of the product, companies simply add “parfum” to the ingredients list. (4)

If you want to keep your home smelling fresh without the toxins, try essential oils instead.

5. Household Cleaners

Most people keep an array of household cleaners handy. Unfortunately, a majority of them contain toxic chemicals that are extremely dangerous when ingested. For example, common chemicals found in household cleaning products include ammonia, which is associated with kidney and liver damage; 2-BE, which has been known to cause reproductive problems; and coal tar dyes, which have been shown to cause cancer and nervous system damage. Furthermore, the airborne toxins cause problems, as well. (5)

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6. Toothpaste

Many popular toothpaste brands use toxic substances that can cause enamel damage, stomach ailments, skin rashes, and other health issues. In fact, fluoride, a common toothpaste ingredient, causes a toxic build-up in the body. Long-term ingestion is linked to brain, heart and bone issues. (6)

Give some Dr. Bronner Peppermint Toothpaste a try. Or better yet, make your own!

7. Laundry Detergent

Do your clothes smell clean? Well, commercial laundry detergents contain a whole list of chemicals, including fragrances, that can cause rashes, itchiness, dryness, and sinus problems. Your skin may easily absorb these chemicals that are on your clothes and sheets. (7)

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