Most of us know that massage can work wonders when it comes to soothing aches and pains and relieving stress, but that’s not all it’s good for. Lymphatic massage also helps boost circulation and release toxins from your body. And the side benefit? You’ll reduce fat, too! (1)

Follow the tips below specifically for leg massages that rid your body of toxins. Fewer toxins means you can reduce fat. All so you can get your health back on track and burn fat more efficiently!

5 Leg Massages That Reduce Fat and Toxic Buildup

1. Massage Your Glutes

Massaging your glutes can help stimulate fat loss in this area. Use your fingertips to massage your glutes gently but firmly. Move from your upper legs to your buttocks in a circular, upward motion to increase circulation and release built up toxins.

2. Massage Your Legs

Massaging your inner thighs will help increase circulation to kick-start fat loss in this area. Use your thumbs to help apply some pressure in your groin area. Use this as a staring point. Massage your inner thighs in a circular motion to stimulate the release of toxins and help your body fight cellulite.

3. Massage Your Knees

Massaging your knees can help reduce loose and sagging skin. Sit in a chair and start from the top of your kneecap. Massage while moving outward, using short strokes. Use circular motions to massage the area around your kneecap as well.

4. Massage Your Calves

Massaging your calves can help tighten and tone skin and reduce cellulite. Lie down and place two pillows under your calves. Pull one leg toward your chest, then massage your calves, one at a time, using both hands. Rub your calves using shorter strokes. Apply medium to hard pressure, then relax and switch legs.


5. Massage Your Ankles

Massaging your ankles will help stimulate circulation in your legs to release toxins. Form a ring around your ankle by wrapping both hands around it. Massage your leg by moving upward. Don’t forget to massage your hamstring!

Additional Massage Tips:

  • Spend at least one minute a day on each area.
  • You’ll first notice relaxation, then visible improvements after a while.
  • Be sure to drink lots of water to help sweep out old toxins and see quicker improvements.
  • Consult a trusted professional before beginning massage therapy.

If massage isn’t your thing, no worries! This easy exercise will help drain the lymphatic system!

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