Truly trustworthy friends can be difficult to find. People often have a way of disappointing you, just when you think your relationship is going great. They’ll let a secret slip, you’ll realize they’ve been using you, or you’ll find out that they’re talking about you behind your back. There are few things worse than finding out that someone you trusted has betrayed you. To protect yourself, make sure the people you’re surrounding yourself with are truly trustworthy.

Look for these 4 traits that every trustworthy person has in common.

1. They Are Their True Selves

Someone who is trustworthy isn’t afraid to be who they are. They’ll feel comfortable being themselves around you, flaws and all. They aren’t concerned about what other people think. They are open, honest, and they aren’t afraid of being different. If a friend isn’t afraid to tell you his or her hopes, dreams, and most embarrassing moments, you can bet it’s because they trust you, and they’re trustworthy in return.

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2. They Always Keep Their Promises

A trustworthy person knows how important their word is. If they say they’re going to do something, they’ll do it. If they tell you they’re going to be somewhere, they’ll be there. Making promises without any intention to keep them can severely damage a relationship. A trustworthy friend will always keep their promises because they value the connection you two have. They are aware of how their actions make you feel, and they never want to hurt or disappoint you.

3. They Do The Right Thing

The hardest thing and the right thing are often one and the same. Many people are deterred from doing the right thing if it creates a stir or doesn’t benefit them. A trustworthy person will always aim to do the right thing, regardless of how it affects them personally. They have an honest desire to create good in the world and to help others. If a situation arises where they are left with a choice, you can count on them to make the right decision, even if it isn’t an easy path to take.

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4. They Never Make You Feel Inferior

A trustworthy friend values you for who you are. They care about your well-being, your happiness, and your success. Regardless of how similar or different your situations are, someone who is trustworthy will never make you feel inferior. They won’t brag about their own achievements. They’ll be your biggest cheerleader and motivator. They’ll praise you for your success, and they’ll be a shoulder to cry on when something goes wrong. You’ll never have to worry about being yourself around them. You can trust them with your thoughts and feelings without worrying that you’ll be judged.

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