When you meet an earth angel, you’ll know. They’re not hard to spot, with their outright divine countenance and demeanor. What can be hard, though, is identifying oneself as an earth angel. Many people know there’s something special about them but lack a concrete understanding of exactly what it is.

Many people believe that earth angels are reincarnated angels that have been sent to earth to learn how to better care and heal the people around them. Many earth angels have no clue who they are. They only know they they seemed to be called for a higher purpose than the typical 9 to 5 grind.

Fear not, my friends. Today, I’m going to share 4 easy-to-miss signs that you may be an earth angel. Hopefully, this will help a few of you identify your place in the world as harmony-seeking healers.

#1 – You’re A Highly Sensitive Person


Earth angels have a very strong desire to make the world a better place. While this does give them incredible drive, it does mean they’re very sensitive to the state of everything around them.

If you notice yourself feeling very heavy in response to everything from global tragedies to litter in your neighborhood, you very well may be a highly sensitive earth angel.

#2 – You Have A Deep Passion For Helping Others

This right here is a major point.

Earth angels are known for their intense desire to help others – even if it means risking their own well-being. This is where earth angels can differ from highly sensitive beings. The latter can be affected by others emotions without feeling much compulsion to act, while the former typically carries both traits.

So, for example, as an earth angel you would not only feel hurt when your friend loses their job – you would also feel compelled to help in some way.

#3 – You’re Drawn To A Distinct Purpose


Earth angels have a purpose – to help and guide those around them. Each earth angel does this in their own way but they all have one thing in common. Whatever their purpose, they’re drawn to it with incredible determination.

Did you know from the time you entered high school that you wanted to help people as a doctor? Or maybe you knew you were meant to be a teacher the moment you set foot into a classroom. Whatever the case, if you’re drawn to a particular profession out of a desire to help others you are likely an earth angel.

#4 – Your Intuition Is Razor Sharp

Earth angels are always seeking opportunities to connect with the life force from which everything we know comes. This force helps them gain an understanding of life, the world and the universe. Ordinary humans will refer to this as intuition. It’s like a 6th sense to an earth angel, though; they don’t even think about it.

So, do you think you’re an earth angel? Drop us a note in the comments and share your thoughts!

Amanda Linett Meder
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