Having a small garden is nice! You get to grow your own food, and harvest it when you are ready. However, keeping your garden safe can sometimes be difficult. There are pests and animals that think your food is just as delicious as you do.

SuzelleDIY has got you covered! In the short video below, she is going to show you how to make your very own little greenhouse and veggie box for your backyard or balcony. Normally, a project like this would be intimidating, but Suzelle makes it seem so easy!

The benefits of having a greenhouse include keeping veggies at the temperature they need to grow, keeping pests and animals away, and conserving water. The greenhouse will trap water in the garden so the plants have more time to absorb it!

After seeing this, backyard gardening seems so much more simple! If you have wanted a garden, but are unsure of  where to start, this video is for you!

(h/t: SuzelleDIY)