It is time to get festive this holiday season and the best way to show your spirit is painting your nails. They go with every holiday outfit or warm seasonal drink! Whether you prefer painted toes, fingers, or both; these DYI nail designs will be right up your alley.

While picking out your perfect nail color, consider a more natural nail polish instead. There is not an entirely natural nail polish out there, but some brands are pretty close. There are two categories of natural nail polish labeled 3-free and 5-free. 3-free does not contain toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or formaldehyde while 5-free does not contain formaldehyde resin and camphor. These chemicals are known as carcinogens, so having your nails free of them will be another great holiday bonus.

Some more natural nail polish brands are Zoya, Suncoat, Piggy Paint, Honeybee Gardens, Sheswai, or LVX. (Ecowatch)

Try out this fresh Christmas tree dot design

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Just a simple gold glittery nail can go a long way this holiday season. Matches all of the other glitter!

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Display your Nativity scene on your nails all Advent.

melanielinson_349166_l (NailArtGalery)

While you are decorating your tree with cute little Christmas balls, why not also your nails!

Christmas-nails-1024x682 (SunshineCitizen)

These are perfect for the snow lover. Jack Frost will certainly be happy to see you adorn these adorable snowmen.

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Have yourself a lacy Christmas. This great lace design will continue to remind you of the beautiful bows that come out this season.

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These Grinchy nails will make even the Scroogiest person smile.

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If you enjoy Christmas lights everywhere, why not also on your nails. These can even light-up!

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Rudolph can light your way all through the holiday season.

ed4b30a6-c715-4f2f-96db-e96234f367b8 (NailsInNippon)

A novice at nails can do this simple candy cane stripe. It is such a sweet design!

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Even the sugar plum fairy will think these Nutcracker designs are cool.

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Celebrate the Hanukkah season with these beautiful Star of Davids.

hanukkah-nails-by-maryam (persephoniemagazine)

Try a holiday style French manicure this season.

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Join the journey with the Wise-men.

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Try some holly and ivy. They will be fully grown all winter long.

d4e33793-21f0-4379-a3b2-cb26d5f8fa73 (Nailedit)

A great ode to the Jolly Man himself.


Make your Christmas tree nails really stand-out with these 3D designs.

christmas-tree-nails-ciate-caviar (sonailicious)

The perfect gift for your nails.

christmas-nail-art (pshiiit)

Enjoy lighting your seven candles with these amazing, beautiful Kwanzaa decals.

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