Behavioral psychology is an extremely fascinating topic. Its whole purpose is to study the actions, emotions, and thoughts of common people. Because our brains are in the same general shape and we grow up with similar stimulus, many people will respond to certain psychological tricks in the same manner.

Most of these tricks will work on everyone. I say most because, ultimately, we are all individuals with different life experiences. However, many of these little tips will make a person’s day much easier. They may also improve communication!

12 Psychological Tricks You Need to Know

1. If one is doing something that normally makes them feel nervous, they should eat a snack or chew some gum. A part of our brains are primal, and chewing tricks that part of the brain into thinking everything is safe.

2. It is best to stay calm with someone who is angry. They will most likely get angrier, but will feel ashamed, later, when they calm down.


3. If a person receives a partial answer from someone, they should maintain eye-contact and stay silent. More often than not, the person answering will assume the answer wasn’t good enough and will add more.

4. The actions associated with emotions will create that emotion. If one wants to be happy, they should try to smile more.


5. Never say, write, or type, “I just”, “I think”, or “I believe”. These words imply a lack of confidence.


6. Before an interview, imagine one is old friends with the interviewer(s). This will help one to feel more comfortable and comfort is infectious.

shake hands

7. People tend to agree to a smaller favor if they have denied one or two larger ones first.

8. The physical reactions to stress and exhilaration are very similar (high pulse rate and quick breathing). Thus, if a person reframes a threatening situation into a challenging one, stress may become exhilaration.


9. Many people cannot tell the difference between confidence and brilliance. If one acts like they know what they are doing, people will believe them.


10. Those who work in customer service should put a mirror behind them. Customers will be nicer because nobody wants to see themselves being a jerk.

11. When on a first date, take your date somewhere exciting. They will associate the time and you with a thrilling feeling.


12. Take the time to notice a person’s eye color when you first meet. Most people will appreciate the increased eye contact. It signifies trust.

Give these tricks a try and tell us what you think!