A steaming hot cup of joe in the morning and the scent of that fresh coffee is like no other for coffee drinkers worldwide. Coffee is part of many morning routines, whether that includes grinding it fresh at home or grabbing a cup from a local coffee shop near work. However you take your coffee, if you’re a fan of the wonderful, caffeinated drink, these 12 hacks are a must-know!

1. Butter Instead of Milk

Many of us have tried to cut back on the cream and sugar we’re adding to our coffee, to get rid of the extra fat and calories. If you can’t quite stomach drinking it black, try using a little unsalted, grass-fed butter! It will give your coffee flavor without having to add cream or milk.

2. Cinnamon Instead of Sugar

Flavored coffees from restaurants and drive-thrus are often full of sugar, and of course, extra calories. Instead of asking for a mocha cookie crumble, get a plain coffee and throw in a little cinnamon. It’ll sweeten up your coffee without turning it into a caloric nightmare!

3. DIY Latte

If you’re a coffee shop regular, you probably know by now how much it adds up. Instead of paying boucoup bucks for a latte, try making one at home! You’ll need to make a one-time purchase of a milk frother, which you can find for under $20. Pour your choice of milk or sugar (or healthier substitutes) into a mug and microwave it for a bit, then use your frother to make the mix a little foamy. Add it to your coffee and enjoy your DIY latte.

4. DIY Iced Coffee

If you like your coffee iced and want to stop spending so much at Starbucks, there’s a hack for that! To cold brew your own coffee, soak ground coffee beans in water for 12 hours (overnight), then strain the grounds. Simply pour the coffee over ice and add your choice of extra ingredients to flavor it up!

5. Make Your Own Creamer

All you need is your choice of milk, and a few drops of vanilla or almond extract to create a perfectly good coffee creamer. It will last longer in your refrigerator than store-bought creamers, and you know exactly what ingredients you’re consuming. Win, win!

6. Coffee Ice Cubes

Personally, I love this one. If you’re making coffee at home, chances are there’s usually a little extra left in the pot at the end of the day. Instead of dumping it down the sink, pour it into an ice cube tray! You’ll end up with coffee ice cubes to use in your iced coffee or iced latte, and it won’t water down your drink!

7. Make Your Own Coffee Syrup

Most coffee syrups from the store are full of sugar, as are those delicious-sounding flavored coffees from Dunkin Donuts. To make your own, stir 2 cups of sugar into 2 cups of water over low heat until it dissolves. Add in your choice of flavoring — vanilla extract, caramel, mashed berries — and stir until combined. If you’re going with a berry flavoring, make sure to strain out the berry chunks. Other than that, enjoy your homemade coffee flavoring!

8. Reuse Your Grounds

There are a bunch of uses for old coffee grounds that get dumped in the trash on a daily basis. They can be used in a garden as a fertilizer and pest repellent, you can use them in your home to help absorb food odors, and you can even use them as a natural exfoliant for your skin.

9. Add Salt to Bitter Coffee

If you’re really needing coffee at work and the office only uses that generic, bitter-tasting brand, add a pinch of salt to your cup. The salt will counteract the bitter taste and leave you with a smoother, not-so-bitter drink that’s much easier to sip.

10. Bake Using Your Old Coffee

If you’re a true coffee lover, you’re probably salivating at the fact that not only can you drink your coffee, but you can eat it! Try a recipe that uses coffee instead of water to make delicious treats like cookies, brownies or Tiramisu. I have a feeling that you’ll love the added flavor!

11. Add Flavoring to Your Beans

Most people add a few extra ingredients to their coffee mug, after their coffee is brewed and ready to drink. Instead, try adding your choice of flavoring to your beans, before you grind them. Cinnamon, chocolate and lemon zest are all tasty options you could add to your grinder. This way, you won’t need to add anything extra to your coffee after you pour it!

12. Boost Your Coffee With Some Grapefruit

A little grapefruit with your coffee can go a long way. If you’ve been a coffee drinker for years, you’ve probably noticed that you have to drink more than you used to in order to get that caffeine buzz that helps get you going in the morning. Grapefruit can help slow the absorption process of the caffeine in your body, giving you that wide-awake feeling with your first cup, instead of your second or third.

David Wolfe knows his coffee!


h/t: minq