Being in a relationship with an empath can be challenging, from both ends. Empaths often feel misunderstood because of their abilities. They are highly sensitive, intuitive, and their love is deep, passionate and strong. Empaths feel everything, so one little argument may really, truly hurt them on a deep level.

If you’re in a relationship with an empath, here are ten things they want you to know:

1. They Can’t Change

Trying to change an empath will only drive them away. They are different than others, but they have some amazing qualities. They’re sensitive, intuitive and they appreciate the little things. Trying to change an empath will only cause pain.

2. They Want to Be Free

Empaths rely on their emotions to guide them. Trying to control an empath causes them to lose the light that guides them. They’ll shut down completely and lock away their feelings. Remember that an empath needs space to breathe, time alone to recharge and room to be free.happy girl 2

3. They Mean What They Say

Empaths may come up with some crazy, creative ideas, but they long to change the world. When they pour their hearts out to you, it’s because they trust you enough to listen and care about their thoughts, opinions and ideas. They always mean what they say.

4. They Need Alone Time

An empath can become overwhelmed with emotions. They need time to recuperate, especially after a social event. Respect their wishes an allow them to have alone time to recharge when they need to, without turning it into an argument.reading

5. Their Intuition is Spot On

Empaths have a deep intuition. When something is a little off, they can sense it. You may be putting a lot of blind faith into an empath by trusting their gut feelings, but they’re usually right.

6. Be Supportive

Empaths can easily feel misunderstood, so having someone there to support them and believe in them means the world to an empath. Have a little faith, trust them and let them be who they 3

7. Be Honest

Empaths feel extremely betrayed when they’re lied to. Especially if they’ve already opened up their heart to you. Being dishonest will ruin your relationship, so always choose the truth over a lie.

8. Don’t Expect Them to Give Up

When an empath is passionate about something, they put their whole heart and soul into it. It could be music, painting, volunteering… Whatever it is, don’t expect them to quit, even when things get tough. If it’s tugging at their heart strings, they’re in it for the long run.determined

9. Accept Their Abilities

Making fun of empaths because of their abilities will undoubtedly hurt them and push them away. They may be sensitive and a little bit quirky, but they are doing the best they can to make the world a better place. Choose to accept them and their ability to see the world differently.

10. Understand They Love With Intensity

When an empath loves someone, they love with great intensity. They feel a deep connection and they are willing to do anything for the people they care about. They have a powerful love that can be damaging in the wrong relationship, but beautiful in the right one.

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David Wolfe
David Wolfe
David Wolfe