On the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, Veteran Nura Fountano baffled the world.

Back in November 2015, it was the game show’s first Veteran’s Week, which featured past and present members of the military.

By the time the show got to the last round, Fountano held a commanding lead. Then she started acting inexplicably.

The theme of the puzzle was “Following Footprints.” Normally, contestants on Wheel of Fortune choose popular letters like R, S, T, L, or N.

But Fountano chose Z.

Sajack, visibly confused, asked, “Say that again for me?” Did you say ‘Z’?!”

Fountano affirmed, “As in Zulu. Z.”

But that wasn’t it. She then went on to guess “X”, plus missed her chance to answer twice because she hesitated too long.

Unsurprisingly, she lost the round. The money went to fellow veteran, Steve, who hadn’t managed to rack up much money throughout the show.

At the end of the round, Sajak again asked, “May I ask you a question? You called some unusual letters that round!”

Her only reply: “That’s what I saw.”

This left the show’s viewers shocked and confused:

How was it that Fountano could have such a commanding lead in the first two rounds, only to sink in the third?

As time passed, people started to catch onto Fountano’s odd behavior.

It turned out she was purposefully guessing bad letters in order help out her fellow brother-in-arms. Even at the risk of public embarrassment.

Demonstrating one of the core values of the military, Fountano put “service over self.”

Up until that last round, her fellow vet had only won $1,600.

After, thanks to Fountano’s intentionally poor choices, Steve won $6,400.

Viewers set to Twitter to praise her:

It turned out Fountano wasn’t crazy at all, but a class act!