The day started off like any other for Brittany Lynn Garrett. But as she was getting ready for the day, she looked up and saw her husband, Christopher, holding their young son and crying.

Brittany assumed something was wrong. But her husband was crying because something remarkable had happened.

Christopher is a combat-disabled veteran. He can walk, but due to a shattered pelvis, he walks with a limp and can’t carry out physical activities with as much ease as he once did.

One of those activities is mowing the lawn — Pushing around a standard lawn mower had become a major activity.

But that all changed on that morning when Christopher found a note accompanied by an extraordinary gift.

Here’s what it said:


Image: Brittany Lynn Garrett, Facebook

And parked outside, was this:


Image: Brittany Lynn Garrett, Facebook

The Garretts have no idea who delivered such an amazing gift, but they’re incredibly touched by it.

“Thank you whoever you are!” Brittany posted on Facebook. “You don’t know how much pain this is going to save him from!”

I especially love what Christopher had to say:

“The war that I have seen has hardened my perception of society, but after today, I truly understand that everyone has their place to be a hero.”

This gift will hopefully give Christopher more time for what truly matters – his family.

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Here’s to all military personnel – both actives and veterans.

How do you plan on thanking our veterans this Memorial Day weekend?

Have a look at this special from Fox News to learn what veterans and their families are feeling this Memorial Day.


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