Carbon 60 is beginning to take the supplement world by storm, finding its way into blends purported to do everything from increase lifespan to prevent arthritis pain. But what is carbon 60? Is it really as powerful as it sounds? This post will answer these questions and more to give you an accurate picture of the special carbon 60 molecule.

What Is Carbon 60?

Researchers first discovered the Carbon 60 (C60) molecule in 1985. The discovery drew significant attention – but not for anything to do with health.

Rather, scientists were captivated by the molecule’s properties, including its shape. It’s an extremely stable molecule that can handle high temperatures and pressure with ease. (1)

C60 enthralled the scientific community so much they awarded the researchers who discovered it a Nobel Prize in 1996.

Since then, C60 has found its way into all sorts of industrial applications, including as a lubricant, polymer additive and for hydrogen storage.

Further research revealed C60’s efficiency at cleaning up free radicals, which cause oxidative damage in the body. But the medical community really began to take notice of C60 in the year 2011 – all thanks to a study out of France.

The 2011 Breakthrough

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Researcher Fathi Moussa and his team initially set out on their research to test for potential toxicity in C60. (2)

To the contrary, when all was said and done, the study’s results actually led Moussa to conclude that C60 is one of the least toxic substances known to man.

The wild part? Not only does it appear to be non-toxic. It seems to be anti-toxic.

Moussa and his team tested daily doses of C60 Olive Oil on rats. They gave another control group plain water, while a third received plain olive oil.

By the end of the study, all of the water-fed rats were dead. Of the plain olive oil group, 67% were dead. Astoundingly, 100% of the C60 Olive Oil-fed rats were still alive.

The madness didn’t even stop there; the C60-fed rats saw their natural lifespans increased by as much as 95%. That’s nearly double!

It gets even wilder still in light of the fact that the rat who lived the longest made it to the age of six before the researchers killed him so they could publish their findings.

Of course, we don’t advocate animal testing and certainly don’t condone killing animals for no real reason.

But the study speaks for itself and is worth mentioning as it was the catalyst for the C60 craze that is beginning to take hold of the supplement industry.

Subsequent research has revealed the mechanisms through which C60 works to increase the lifespan of mammals. Research has also revealed a whole host of other C60 benefits.

How It Works

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C60’s power primarily lies in its antioxidant properties.

Research has shown that a lot of what we consider “aging” and “age-related damage” is the work of free radicals. C60 penetrates deep into the body’s cells, allowing its antioxidant capabilities to eradicate free radicals. (3)

Free radicals can enter your body from any number of sources. This includes everything from pollution in your environment to chemicals in cigarettes and pesticides.

A healthy diet can also give your body powerful antioxidants to combat free radical damage. However, current research suggests that there may be no other substance we know of that is as powerful at this than C60.

So Wait – Will It Make Me Live To 154?

The average human lifespan is about 79 years, give or take.

If we assume that a human would experience the same longevity increase of 95% as mice do (which is a huge assumption since research has not proven this), that’d put you at around 154 when all’s said and done.

The truth of the matter is that there’s a lot more to growing old than just free radical damage. Everyone is predisposed to different ailments and conditions, so there’s absolutely no guarantee of anything. Even the rats in the study died at different points.

Further, there have been no comprehensive studies looking into C60’s potential life-extending properties in humans. We simply don’t have the data to say, one way or another, if it will increase your life or not.

That said, there still is plenty of research that suggests you may want to consider taking a Carbon 60 supplement. This research suggests it can impart the following tremendous effects:

  • Reduced inflammation, especially in arthritis patients (4)
  • Potential prevention of osteoarthritis (5)
  • Reduced obesity and metabolic syndrome symptoms (heart disease, stroke, diabetes) (6)
  • Destruction of bacteria (7)
  • Protection against UV damage (8)

These benefits are all thanks to C60’s helpful antioxidant capabilities. With effects like the ones above, it’s no wonder C60 is becoming such a hot topic in the supplement market.

In fact, the market likely has plenty of room to grow. One concern regarding this, however, is the limited supply of quality C60.

In The David Wolfe Team’s experience, having sourced C60 extensively for Wolfe-Carbon-Detox line, supply can be tricky to come by, making C60 a great supplement to stock up on when you have the chance.

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How Do You Take C60?

Here in The David Wolfe Shop, we have C60 available in a variety of formats. Check out our C60 in Olive Oil, Super-Concentrate C60, and our latest Carbon 60 Spray! And if the liquid product isn’t for you, we also offer SuperCharged C60 capsules.

The process is super simple. Just add a dropperful or two of Carbon 60 on an empty stomach and reap the health benefits.  Please note:  take C60 at least 1-2 hours before or after taking any medication.


As with any supplement, you should be sure to speak with a medical professional before taking C60.

As mentioned earlier, researchers believe C60 is one of the least toxic compounds on the planet. However, research still hasn’t told us what might happen regarding C60 consumption in different scenarios, such as when mixed with water or taken in large, unfiltered quantities.

Because C60 is such a powerful detoxifying agent, it is possible that it might neutralize some forms of medication in your body. This is why it’s extra important to consult with your doctor before taking it, as you should with any non-prescribed supplement.