The humble kiwi packs a lot of health in it’s fuzzy skin. But getting to that goodness can be frustrating for people who just want the delicious pulp now.

I love kiwis, my husband loves kiwis, and my kids love kiwis. However, no one likes to peel them! They always get super messy, and you sometimes end up with something that doesn’t really look like a kiwi at the end of the ordeal.

Well, that is about to change, because this video is going to show you the fastest, cleanest, and easiest kiwi peeling method around. He uses a glass to remove the fruit from the peel. I can’t believe I never thought of this! It makes so much sense!

He states that this peeling method is also good for mangoes and avocados! Now all my favorite health fruits will be much easier to prepare! However, remember to shop local or organic! Getting to the fruit is worthless if it isn’t good for you!

Check out his method below! You will be very happy you did!

Did you try it? Peel a kiwi, and let us know!

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(h/t: DaveHax)