Let’s face it.

Have you ever heard one woman state, “wow I can’t wait to see my gynecologist, I love that experience!”

The stark cold room full of fluorescent lights. Counters with clear glass bottles full of long swabs, steel cold very large scary looking tools which always remind me horror films from the 80’s, and facing reality they were soon going to be inserted in my sacred yoni. Its 2017, why can’t they come up with more eco easy smaller friendly looking medical equipment and by gosh the ancient cold steel stir ups and told to put our feet in and relax!

Paper gowns that easily rip and make you feel less than cozy. Strange charts on the walls that look like they are from the 1950s. AND, then there is the wait time. They leave you there stark naked in this room with no windows for a very long time due to over booking to make more money.

Now, it’s not to say there aren’t some fancy nice looking offices out there, yet I have lived in some of the best places, from the upper East Side of Manhattan, Santa Fe in New Mexico, Sonoma in California and my home of Boulder in Colorado AND I haven’t seen one nice one yet.

Before I share a small glimpse of my experience, please know that I am not telling anyone not to get a checkup or stop visiting your own doctor. I am simply sharing my own reality and experience and trust I am not the only one out there. We women need to share our stories and experiences more as we rise together.

Some things over the years have really struck me hard at the gynocologist and other specialized doctors. It hit me that I need to continue to listen to my own voice, gut instinct. And, a few years ago it really saturated within me that no matter what these people say it is so much more important to trust yourself and not take in words that can be so powerful.

When I turned forty years old I went in for my yearly pap.

After waiting for a very long time in came my gynecologist. No smile, a chart and sits down and sees I just turned forty and begins to say…you must be feeling tired? Not sleeping? Sex drive down? Hot flashes? Headaches?

Whoa. What twilight zone did I just step into. What was this woman doing? After her long comments, questions and almost strange way of planting symptoms that were not there, I responded and said no, quite the contrary, should I be?

She began to tell me that women in their forties get these symptoms often due to perimenopause. Oh, and then there was my family history. I bluntly told her my parents were dead and couldn’t wait to hear what she was going to say after this.

I also explained to her that I believe we can change our hereditary with our minds, belief systems and diet. She didn’t know what in goddess’s name I was referring to. Pure abomination to its fullest.

What was even worse as she was doing my pap she began to tell me about her dating life and how awful it was. My mind and my vagina was shouting silently, dear one shut the f— up and get out of my sacred flower now. Then of course came, well due to your age you should have another mammogram, a rectal and who knows what else, as I needed to turn her out.


It dawned on me that moment so clearly the power of words. I realized just how many women who don’t realize their own healing power listen to this nonsense and then one month later start showing all the symptoms that the doctor implants.
How about taking it positive Doc and instead of planting all the negative focus on all we can do ourselves to alternate the so called out come!

One week later my vagina and I made a clear conscious choice to break it off with my gynecologist. Yes of course over the years we check in somewhere yet we go in full speed with positive mind and ensure that any negative babble is negated.

Again, I share this because we must all trust our own instincts. We know deep down when something is good or bad. Energy never lies. I grew up in a family where I was the unicorn, surrounded by so called prominent doctors who didn’t understand when I explained it was all moneymaking bullshit most of the time and diet, environments and negative mind can affect your health. Even from my teens, even though I did what I was told I always knew in my gut what to do or not to do. And yes, there were times in my life I took the medication or did the procedure I was told to do as I wasn’t fully in my own super woman goddess power yet. It took a while, but better late than never!

Here are a few natural remedies that I have taken over the years which are simply good for us women. Some good quality essential oils are great for all sorts of needs!

1. Clary sage oil – good for balancing hormones and keeping menstrual pain in check.
2. Evening Primrose oil – helps with premenstrual symptoms ( PMS ) and breast pain during menstruation.
3. Ylang Ylang Oil mixed with Lavender in nice warm bath soothes anything away!
4. Peppermint Oil is wonderful if you have headaches – simply put a few drops on a warm compress or apply a tiny bit on your temples.
5. Diet of course – greens, no sugar or caffeine and when you don’t feel good as always a good healthy chocolate will dissipate anything plus has true known health benefits for women during your moon.
6. Exercise – even if you are not feeling like it a walk in nature will do the body good.

I am reminded also as I finish this article all the years when I tried to talk to my gynecologist about orgasms and do women really have them so often? Stay tuned as this is definitely going to be the topic of my next article!

Find your own power beautiful women and trust yourselves. Maybe you luckily have an amazing doctor or decide it’s time for you and your vagina to break it off and find someone new who is more positive?