On September 9, 2016, Jupiter moved into the sign of Libra. This signals the beginning of ‘the great balancing,’ a 13-month period that only happens once every 12 years. Today, I’ll tell you how to harness this period’s balancing power for the benefit of your life, career and relationships.

Ready? Let’s dive right in!

#1 – Don’t Fight Awareness


Libra represents balance, fairness and justice while Jupiter represents growth through experience. As Jupiter hovers in Libra, expect to become aware of the injustice, unfairness and inequality around you.

This can be very jarring. You might be tempted to fight awareness off and return to a place of innocence. I encourage you to resist that urge. You see, Jupiter in Libra will be pushing for balance in the universe with or without you. Why not play for the winning side and go with the flow?

Take note of injustice – especially the variety that benefits you – and make an effort to change it. The universe will take your efforts farther than you could ever imagine, granting you satisfaction and balance for your own life in return.

#2 – Welcome Collaboration With Open Arms

If you want to hit the ground running on a new collaborative project, now would be a great time to start. Jupiter in Libra enhances security and safety in collaborative environments.

This will be incredibly powerful after the last 13 months of Jupiter in Virgo, when the dominant universal traits included criticism and shyness.

#3 – Seek Balance, Not Judgement

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Remember that Libra is represented by the scales of justice – not a judge’s gavel. Likewise, Jupiter may be obsessed with justice but, first and foremost, it is a helper.

In your effort to restore balance to the world around you, don’t look down your nose at those who may not be as receptive to the energy of Jupiter in Libra as you. This sort of snobbery will only increase the level of imbalance around you. Be patient with people – whether you’re dealing with a friend, family member or total stranger.

Try to understand their viewpoint and incorporate it into your quest for balance.

#4 – Strive For Balance In Your Relationships

Psychologists who specialize in couples therapy refer to the ideal relationship as one in which partners are emotionally involved on an equal level. Of course, relationships don’t always work out like that. Sometimes one partner winds up carrying the bulk of emotions due to circumstances.

If this sounds like your relationship, try working with your partner to harness the balancing (and romantic) power of Jupiter in Libra. Communicate your needs and desires with one another and make appropriate changes to maintain balance going forward.

Want to learn more about the interpersonal benefits of Jupiter in Libra? Have a look at this video from Crystal B!