Most people know how terrible soda is for the body, but this does not stop them from consuming their two to three cans a day. This is in addition to the extra sugar one consumes on a daily basis.

But what does excessive sugar consumption do to the body? According to Dr. Mercola, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s all have roots in higher sugar consumption. He has listed many studies that show a link between high sugar consumption and many different health conditions and diseases.

However, these are just studies. Most people need solid proof of what soda consumption does to the body.

This man decided to drink 10 cans of Coke a day for 30 days, and what happened was surprising.

Take a look at the video below!

The final results? He went from 168 to 192 pounds. That is a 23-pound weight gain. He also had a 65% increase in body fat, going from 9% total body fat to 16% total body fat.

Before-and-After-10-Cokes-300x26710 Cokes a Day

All of this from ten Cokes a day. And unfortunately, the sugar he consumed is easily matched by the average American.

As he states in his blog:

Obesity-related diseases are the worst health epidemic America has ever faced. Start by cutting out sugar. Avoid sugary drinks, including fruit juices. If you have diabetes type 2, this is very important to understand:
Fruit is not your friend.
Are you eating the sugar of 10 Cokes a day without even drinking 10 Cokes a day? (10 Cokes a Day)

Stop eating processed sugar and switch to a more natural choice, HONEY!

Featured Image: 10 Cokes a Day