Do you have eagle eyes? If your vision and observation skills are seriously sharp, you just might. Metaphors aside, it’s fun to think about what would be possible if you really did have the vision of an eagle. Your visual abilities would be augmented to superhuman level.

Your vision would present the world to you in a whole new way.

With eagle eyes, you could spot a bug crawling on the ground from the heights of a 10-story building. Your head would be in a constant swivel, zeroing in on objects of interest. You could make out the facial expressions on the faces of professional baseball players from the nosebleed section. Objects in your direct line of sight would appear magnified, and colors, with a vast array of hues, would pop like never before.
You would also have almost double the field of view. You would see almost all the way behind your head with a 340-degree visual field (a normal humans’  is 180 degree field).  Imagine the heightened self-defense that would come along with this ability!
Human beings might never have actual eagle eyesight, but nevertheless there are a number of ways you can train your brain to be more attuned to visual details.

In the meantime, find out just how sharp your human vision is by taking his quiz.

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