Sure, you feel that you’re doing the best you can in life. Aren’t things going pretty well most of the time? But sometimes you may feel as though you aren’t reaching your full potential. You’re heading in a direction you didn’t intend. Perhaps you aren’t always acting in your own best interests, or you’re not accomplishing what you thought you should be. At some point, everyone needs a little guidance to keep from heading down the wrong life path.

Here are 10 critical signs that you are on the wrong life path, so keep a lookout for these in your daily life:

1. You never follow your intuition.

Normally you’re pretty good about trusting your gut instinct. However, when you are on the wrong life path, you will constantly second-guess yourself, and you’ll end up not being able to follow your instincts. Your gut and intuition were given to you for a reason, and to not use them signifies a deep disconnect between your perception and reality. Be careful! The longer you ignore your intuition, the duller it becomes.

2. You’re constantly preoccupied.

Throughout the day you seem like you’re daydreaming, preoccupied with your aspirations, your hopes and dreams. You can get highly distracted, even at work when time is of the essence. You can get caught up in your thoughts and ideas. If you can’t get through your work because you become inattentive or get your attention drawn away by something small, then you may want to reconsider the life path you’re going down. An inability to focus can be a sign that you are on the wrong life path.

3. Your thoughts are always chaotic.

Sometimes your brain can be a mess. Your thoughts feel disorganized, and you can’t seem to think clearly. Does it feel like your brain is all “jumbled up”? Well, this feeling is one one of the biggest signs that you’re not going down the correct life path. The path you are on is causing so much stress that you can’t even keep your thoughts together. Your thoughts should become much clearer once you’re on a path that you’re more comfortable with.

4. You feel detached from your friends and family.

It’s hard to admit, but you no longer feel mentally or emotionally connected to your loved ones. You may even start isolating yourself physically and socially. The reason you feel disengaged with society is because you are on the wrong life path. You have a hard time feeling connected to anything or anyone when you are on such a negative path in life. This feeling of division is a critical sign that you should reevaluate your direction in life.

5. You’re having unexplained physical ailments.

Many people feel a pit deep in their stomach when they’re on a path they can’t reconcile with. However, having a number of unexplained physical pains or problems are signs of mental distress due to your incorrect life path. Small pains, uneasy stomachs,  and feeling physically restless could all easily be caused by similar feelings. If your body doesn’t feel right you might want to consider how your mind is feeling.

tension wrong life path

6. You’re always looking to make a change.

Whether it’s relationships, your profession, or anything else you can manage to change drastically – you’re always on the lookout for something new. You aren’t happy with what you have, and that makes you look for new things. This is a classic sign that you’re not fulfilled by your current life path. Follow this instinct, and look for something new that can meet your expectations.

7. Your temper is worse than usual.

You can be crabby or even downright hot-headed when you’re not on the correct life path. If you are constantly brooding and irritable, it is likely that you aren’t happy with what you’re doing in your life. You should really consider a new life path if you are starting to lose your temper for no reason, because this is a sign that you’re unhappy with the direction your life is taking.

8. Your anxiety is through the roof.

Stress is normal, but this is something else. You nearly panic over small things that don’t matter much. That feeds your anxiety, and extreme anxiety can reflect a life not being lived to the fullest. Your anxiety increases when you are on a life path that you shouldn’t be. If your anxiety is skyrocketing and you can’t figure out why, first consider if you’re on a truly fulfilling life path.

9. You don’t care about anything anymore.

When you don’t care about anything anymore, it means that you’ve given up. People who feel like they are permanently stuck on a path will stop caring about things. They’re not interested in what they’re doing, so they just don’t care anymore. If you can’t manage to care about even small aspects of your life, it means that your life needs to change into something you care about.

10. You feel like moving would change things.

Many people get in a rut and on a path in life they don’t want to be on. Sometimes people feel that moving or changing major things about their life would make them feel better about their future. However, just because you cut your hair or move to a new city doesn’t mean you’ve changed the path of your life. Sometimes it can feel good to change something superficial, but what you need to do is reconsider the long road ahead.