There are some people who know what they want to do with their lives at a young age. Maybe they feel they were born to be a dancer, or a singer, or a painter. They spend their childhoods perfecting their trade and make a fulfilling career out of it when they grow up. There are others (most of us perhaps) that spend a lot longer trying to figure it out. We have no idea what we want to do, or where, or how to do it, and that is perfectly OK.

Choosing a path is a life-changing decision, one that does not have to be made over night, and one that really does not have to be final. Many of us find ourselves, at one point or another, in a type of soul-searching process to decide who we want to become. If you’re at that stage now, here are a few tips to help you through your journey.

1. Take a break to think it over

Life-changing decisions should be made after plenty of thought has been put into them. Spend time alone, listen to yourself and figure out how you really feel. Decide if what you are currently doing will help lead you to your goals and dreams. If it will not, it simply means that you are at the beginning of a search to find yourself.

2. Keep in mind everything that you appreciate

Write down what is most valuable to you, and figure out how to keep those things in your life for your future. You want to be able to hold onto things that are right for you and are meaningful to you.

3. Learn how to forgive and let people go

Know when it is time to let your past go peacefully. Forgive old grudges and get rid of anything that’s weighing you down. You can learn from your past disappointments, mistakes, and regrets, but leave them behind you. You’ll have more energy and motivation to find your personal calling.

4. Trust yourself

At this very moment, you are in the best place to start. Never compare yourself to others. Instead, realize what positive changes you see between the present you and yesterday’s you, and think about the positive changes you can create in the future.

5. Rule your own life

You are the only one who can truly uncover all of your talents and abilities. The process of finding yourself or creating yourself belongs only to you. You have the freedom to move in whatever direction you choose, and change that direction if you so please.

6. Let yourself make mistakes

It is OK to make mistakes because each one allows you to learn and grow. Don’t limit yourself to a number of failures. Keep trying, and remember that great things take time.

7. Enjoy the process

Live in the now. Focus on the course of discovering yourself and live in the current moment. This will allow you to feel gratification for what you are doing. The trip to your destination is half the fun!

8. Be creative

There are an endless¬†amount of ways to be creative every day. Start with something simple. Try cooking a new recipe or start a homemade project. You’ll find new and fresh ideas, and chances are you’ll want to take action on them, too!

9. Always look for new opportunities

Staying in your comfort zone may be nice and cozy, but it will never give you what you really need or get you where you want to go. Use every opportunity you have to do or learn something new. You might discover a hidden talent or a newfound passion!

10. Be ready for surprises

Sometimes, your calling is staring you right in the face, and you do not even realize it. Maybe it is something so obvious that you’ve completely missed it. Even if it takes you¬†some time, actively searching for it will help lead you to it.

Remember, this is your journey. Make your own decisions, guide your path, and choose a direction based on your dreams, goals and passions. We’ll all get to our destination, but no two paths are the same.

h/t: brightside