Aloe vera has been used for centuries for its medicinal and healing properties. It’s a thick, short-stemmed plant that stores water in its leaves, and it is widely used in many beauty products. The water-filled tissue in the leaves is the gel that is used in these products. It contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that work wonders for the skin. You might be surprised by all of the health benefits that Aloe Vera has to offer!

1. It Has Antioxidant and Antibacterial Properties

Aloe vera contains powerful antioxidants that belong to a family of substances known as polyphenols. The polyphenols in aloe vera can help to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause infections and inflammation.

2. It Accelerates the Healing of Burns

Aloe vera is commonly used as a topical medication to treat sores and burns, including sunburns. A review of four experimental studies found that Aloe Vera could reduce the healing time of burns by around nine days compared to conventional medication.

3. It Helps Prevent Wrinkles

Some research has found that using aloe vera gel topically can slow aging of the skin. In one study of 30 women over the age of 45, topical application of the gel was shown to increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity over a 90-day period.

4. It Can Reduce Acne and Lighten Blemishes

Aloe vera gel can work as a natural remedy for acne and acne scarring. The antimicrobial properties of aloe vera help to prevent acne and reduce the redness and inflammation that acne causes.

5. It Works as a Natural Moisturizer

Aloe vera can be used in place of lotion for a natural daily skin moisturizer. It cleanses and softens the skin without clogging pores, and it’s effective for both men and women.shutterstock_260457242

Revitalizing Aloe Vera Mask

A daily dose of aloe vera will soften your skin and give it a healthy glow while reducing inflammation and redness. Try this simple Aloe vera mask routine each day and you’re skin will feel revitalized in no time!

  1. Wash the Plant – Wash an Aloe Vera plant, making sure to clean all of the leaves.
  2. Soften the Leaves – Gently press the leaves to soften them.
  3. Cut the Leaves – Cut the leaves in half or into smaller portions, using just as much as you need.
  4. Cut the Edges – Cut off the edges of the leaves on both sides to allow it to peel more easily.
  5. Split the Leaves – Split the leaves open with your hands or a knife if you need one. Use a spoon to extract the juice and pour it into a bowl.
  6. Rub on Your Face – Use your hands to apply the aloe vera juice onto your face. Leave it on for about 20 minutes or until it dries.
  7. Rinse – Peel the aloe vera mask off of your face and wash your face with water.
  8. Pat Dry – Using a clean towel, dry your face and look in the mirror and enjoy the new glow of your skin! It will be soft, healthy and revitalized!

Aloe vera works from the inside as well! Check out this amazing video from David Wolfe!

h/t: healthy food house