No doubt, if you’ve ever been to a carnival, you’re familiar with the idea of palm reading. But long, long before palm reading became a fixture of carnival entertainment, it was used by ancient civilizations as a means of determining personality and predicting future health problems.

For example, Julius Caesar actually distinguished between loyal subjects and imposters by looking at their palms.

This fascination with palmistry continues today and, believe it or not, it goes far beyond carnival grounds. Today, we actually have scientific proof that the lines on one’s hand do mean something.

There are four distinct types of lines. The heart line deals with one’s emotions and romantic compatibility. The head line indicates one’s intellectual capability. The life line is all about one’s energy. The fate line? I’ll bet you can predict what that ones means!

Those trained in palmistry know how to take all of these lines, put them together and create a total picture of an individual. Here’s the cool part – you don’t need to go anywhere to harness the awesomeness of palmistry! Just sit right back in your chair and have a look at the following quiz.

Keep your hands handy; you’ll want to look at them during the test to answer the questions accurately.

So, what did your palm reading say about you? Let us know if it was accurate!

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