5 Reasons Foot Massages Are So Good For You.

There is nothing like getting a nice foot massage after a long hard day at work. Not only does it feel fantastic, but it’s very good for your body.

1. Great For Sex Life

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The foot is one of the most nerve-rich parts of our body, which is the reason a foot massage feels amazing! Add in a few scented candles, some massage oil and gentle, soothing music and the mood is now set. Not only does it feel good for your partner but it’s also an excellent form of foreplay.

2. Helps to alleviate headaches

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A study conducted in Denmark tested to see if foot massages would help people who suffered from severe headaches and migraines. The results were pretty stunning. About 65% of the group had reduced symptoms while a small number were relieved of all symptoms. (Source: University of Minnesota)

3. Helps people with flat feet

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For a majority of people, having flat feet is not a problem, but some people do experience foot pain or suffer from chronic heel pain. Deep foot massages and routine foot exercises can significantly lessen the pain and in some cases eliminates the pain.

4. Improves circulation

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Wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes at work or events causes the foot to lose circulation. A quick 20 minute foot massage throughout the day or before bed can do wonders to increase the circulation in your foot.

5. Prevents foot and ankle injuries

Foot Massage

A slight misstep when crossing the street or working out at the gym can leave you with a twisted ankle or a broken foot. Foot massages can help reduce muscle fatigue before an injury and increase the speed of healing an existing injury.

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