Puuung is a graphic artist based in South Korea and her project, “Love is..” is truly genius. She draws the little, seemingly insignificant acts of love that make relationships work!

As she writes on her Facebook page:

“Love” is something that everybody can relate to. And “Love” comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artworks.

Well, she has certainly done that. Her drawings look like they belong in a café!

Take a look and enjoy!

love face

Embracing intimacy.

hug group cuddle

storm surprise hug

Hugs are always good!

counter kiss kiss cheek head kiss forehead kiss

Simple little kisses!

coffee morning kitchen hug

Coffee time or spending time together in the kitchen! Heart!

on the porch couch bench

They both enjoy just sitting together!

birthday cake christmas

Celebrating together always brings us closer.


Game Night!!!

movie night

Movie Night!!!


Playing in the Snow!

pile couch cuddle love eyes

Sleeping and being together.

after dinner loft

work waving window under the stars

Just being!

phone call beach bath

Dozens of other unnameable moments.

fall spring winter

No matter the season, I love you!

… Even when I kick your butt with a lightsaber!!!


Puuung is a fantastic artist.

Check out all of her artwork on her Facebook page!

(h/t: Pulptastic)