Have you ever wondered if you have it in you to risk your life for someone else? In this jaw-dropping moment, a woman saves the life of a stranger, in this case a child.

So what happened?

One Jaw-Dropping Moment

An out of control car pinned two people against a stone wall in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and police say a woman who saw what was happening likely saved a child’s life by throwing herself in front of the little boy.

Shanta Jordan didn’t know the little boy she saved.

She tried to push the little boy out of the way when a car came barreling at him, but there wasn’t time for that. Instead, she jumped in front of the car.

jaw-dropping moment
jaw-dropping moment

Police say her body absorbed much of the impact, saving the child’s life, but the boy did still sustain serious injuries.

State and local leaders will pay special tribute to Jordan in a ceremony at City Hall next week. Right now, she is recovering in the hospital.

“If she did not step in, the child would be in direct contact with the motor vehicle against the wall, and most likely, he would have perished,” Bridgeport police chief A.J. Perez said. “He would have died.”

As for the little boy, doctors initially thought they would have to amputate both legs, but surgeons in the hospital spent hours operating and were able to save them.

The driver of the vehicle is also hospitalized. He’s facing reckless driving and other charges.

The video, available on YouTube, is restricted to adult audiences because of the shocking scene.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution