Jasmine oil offers more than just a luscious fragrance! If you’ve ever smelled the jasmine flower, you know how wonderful it is. Indeed, the oil, which is extracted from the jasmine flower, is known for carrying the same “seductive” scent.  But its sweet, flowery fragrance does more than just “smell good.”  For example, the strong smell of the jasmine flower is a natural aphrodisiac that can increase libido, reduce depression and relieve anxiety.  Furthermore, jasmine essential oil can also be used to promote a restful night’s sleep, treat PMS symptoms, as well as boost concentration. (1) Learn more about this alluringly-scented essential oil by reading the benefits outlined below.

Jasmine Oil Health Benefits

1. Reduce Anxiety

First on the list of jasmine oil benefits is the ability to reduce anxiety.  Furthermore, and somewhat along the same vein, jasmine oil provides the body with a natural energy boost. A study published in Natural Product Communications found that jasmine oil helped participants feel an improvement in their moods and a decrease in low energy, after using the oil on their skin over an eight-week period. (2)

2. Treat PMS Symptoms

Many women deal with painful and otherwise negative PMS symptoms. There are conventional treatment methods, such as pain pills, but why go that route when you can try a natural route, instead? The next time you’re facing strong PMS symptoms, first try jasmine oil. Jasmine essential oils can be used as a natural remedy for symptoms related to PMS, including headaches, stomach cramps and acne flare-ups. Massing the oil onto the affected area or diffusing the oil at home can provide relief from physical and emotional symptoms.

3. Increase Libido

One of the most common uses of jasmine oil is to use it as an aphrodisiac. It smells good, yes, but the physiological response to the smell is a part of it, too. For example, the natural scent of jasmine essential oil can increase physical signs of arousal such as breathing rate, body temperature and blood pressure. Studies have shown that jasmine oil also increases alertness and mood. (3)

4. Reduce Respiratory Infections

Say goodbye to congestion and headaches with your own homemade vapor rub. With jasmine oil as a primary ingredient, this vapor rub will help improve your respiratory woes. Jasmine oil can be used in a homemade vapor rub to help open nasal passages and reduce inflammation. Mix jasmine oil with a carrier oil and eucalyptus oil. Massage the mixture onto the chest, temples and neck to help heal respiratory infections and reduce pain.

5. Boost Concentration

It turns out that products with aphrodisiac components offer more than just a boost in libido. If you’re suffering from a mental fog or are experiencing a general difficulty with concentration, consider trying jasmine oil. Diffusing jasmine essential oil at home can help naturally boost your concentration. The oil’s aphrodisiac qualities increase heart rate, body temperature and brain activity, which can aid in active learning and problem solving.  If your concentration problem follows you to your place of work, try carrying around jasmine oil in your pocket or purse. If you don’t want to bring the entire bottle, you can pour some of it into an essential oil necklace and carry the scent with you everywhere you go.

6. Promote Healthy Skin

Jasmine essential oil is a natural antibiotic and antiviral. Mixing the oil into lip balm, shower gel or body lotion can help calm irritated skin and reduce inflammation. Use jasmine essential oil for blemishes, bruises, razor burn and bug bites. Furthermore, its great scent makes it perfect for use in the shower or in after-shower lotions.

7. Decrease Menopause Symptoms

Just as jasmine essential oil can help with PMS, it can also help with menopause. Applying jasmine oil directly to the skin or diffusing it at home can help provide relief from menopause symptoms. Studies have shown that the oil can help improve mood while reducing hot flashes, pain and depression. (4) Alternatively, you can add a few drops of jasmine oil to your bath to help reduce symptoms of menopause.

8. Treat Insomnia

As mentioned above, jasmine oil can help reduce anxiety and anxious feelings. This also comes into play for those who suffer from anxiety-related insomnia. When we head to bed for the night, we don’t always have an easy time falling asleep. Our brains fill with the busy events of today and the worries of tomorrow. Help quiet your buzzing brain by using jasmine oil right before bed. A study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that the scent of jasmine tea had sedative effects. Inhaling jasmine oil along with lavender oil before bed can help facilitate feelings of calm and relaxation to promote a better night’s sleep. (5)  Either inhale directly from the bottle or try adding a few drops to your evening pre-bed bath.  You can also try diffusing the oil next to your bed while you sleep.

9. Help With Post-Pregnancy Symptoms

Jasmine essential oil can also treat a variety of postpartum ailments and complications, including postpartum depression. This is because the oil naturally helps balance hormone levels. It can be used to help ease postpartum symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, low energy and muscle pain. Applying jasmine essential oil to the skin can also help lighten stretch marks and prevent scarring.

10. Boost Mood

As mentioned above, jasmine oil has the ability to improve mood. Commercial perfumes may do the same thing, however many of them are often full of toxic ingredients. Jasmine essential oil is a natural, chemical-free alternative with mood-boosting properties. Use 1-2 drops of oil on the wrists and neck for a fragrant energy boost.

Potential Side Effects of Jasmine Oil

As with any essential oil, you should always test jasmine oil for a first-time use. Apply a small amount onto an inconspicuous area on your skin along with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil.  Then wait several hours to see if any adverse reaction occurs. If any excessive swelling, itching or bumps occur, discontinue use.  If no adverse reactions occur, proceed to apply jasmine oil for intended use.