You’ve probably heard about the many health benefits of Himalayan pink salt. It contains over 84 minerals and trace elements. You can use it as a healthier option instead of processed salt, you can use it to create body scrubs and bath soaks, and you can also buy pink Himalayan salt lamps. There’s one use for the salt that might be new to you: inhaling it through a salt inhaler to reap its many health benefits!

What Is A Salt Inhaler?

Salt inhalers contain small Himalayan salt rocks that sit at the bottom of the inhaler. When you inhale, the natural moisture in the air helps absorb the salt particles into your lungs. If you suffer from conditions such as asthma, allergies, colds or congestion, this remedy can work wonders for you. Inhaling Himalayan salt reduces inflammation in the lungs. It’s a natural therapeutic remedy with no negative side effects.

The Benefits Of A Salt Inhaler

1. It Helps With Sinus Problems

Salt inhalation therapy, used for centuries, gives the respiratory system a boost of strength. Studies have found that breathing in pure, ionized air in salt mines can help reduce respiratory problems, including general irritation caused by smoking and air pollution.

2. It Detoxes

The amount of chemical pollutants we breathe in on a daily basis might shock you. The air we breathe is full of smoke, dust, smog, and even pet dander. Our lungs are under constant stress due to air pollution. Using a Himalayan salt inhaler can help detox your lungs and the air around you.

3. It Can Help Reduce Mucus Build Up

Pink Himalayan salt has natural cleansing abilities. We often get congested and experience a build up of mucus from toxins in the air. Using a Himalayan salt inhaler can help reduce excess mucus and relieve congestion.

4. It Protects The Body From Harmful Organisms

Himalayan salt can be used to cleanse the body of harmful organisms. It’s known for its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Thanks to the 84 natural elements and minerals it contains, Himalayan pink salt gives the immune system a natural boost.

5. It Promotes Better Sleep

By reducing mucous buildup and congestion, a salt inhaler can help eliminate nighttime coughing and even snoring. Using a Himalayan salt inhaler can help you breathe better at night for a more restful sleep.

How To Use A Salt Inhaler

  1. Place Himalayan rocks inside your ceramic inhaler according to the package directions. Don’t use plastic inhalers.
  2. Place the inhaler mouthpiece in your mouth.
  3. Breathe in normally through your mouth and exhale through the nose.
  4. Make sure you don’t add water, the inhaler is meant for dry therapy only.
  5. When you inhale using long, slow, deep breaths, the salt ions will be brought to the lungs. The ions are able to bypass the nasal filtering system and go directly to the lungs, because they are so small. The lungs then absorb the ions and bring them into the bloodstream. This can help to reduce inflammation and reduce pain in the lungs from several conditions, including asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.