The Langjökull glacier in Iceland is 953 kilometers squared, the second largest ice cap in the region. But its grandiosity will not last for long; according to a study by the American Geophysical Union in 2015, the glacier is melting at an alarming pace.

While that is absolutely terrible news regarding the state of the world’s climate, it could prove to bring with it a rather rare opportunity for electronic music lovers to go back in time with …

A full on rave in June 2016 featuring some of Europe’s hottest underground DJs, in the heart of the glacier.



Just how far back in time will ravers be travelling?

The Langjökull glacier is 10,000 years old, meaning that as party-goers walk – or more likely dance and bop – through the hollowed out glacier, they will literally be moving back through time, passing ice that hasn’t seen fresh air in centuries.


However, it is not just a giant party – the event is actually part of The Secret Solstice Festival, which is dedicated to global activism in Europe.

So each of the ravers will not only have a good time but also hopefully be driven to action knowing that the beauty around them will be a puddle in, at most, 15 years.

And make no mistake – that is terrible. For a bit of perspective, in the last two decades, more arctic ice mass has been lost than over the past ten millennia.

That has caused the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere to increase by 40 percent.

Tickets for the June 2016 glacier party are only $269. Worried about how you’ll fly out to Iceland? Don’t worry, WOW Air’s got you covered for only $99.



For prices like that, you really can’t afford to miss out on a piece of – albeit unfortunate – history.

Oh yeah, don’t forget the music!

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Chris Jafarieh is a Founding Member of Blaqk Diamond Group, a leading commercial real estate, and finance firm. He is also the creator of Green Diamond, an environmentally conscious division of Blaqk Diamond Group. Chris believes that raising awareness through education is the foundation for achieving sustainability in the commercial real estate environment and energy sector.