Here’s a formula I’ve learned from my friend and mentor – the Avocado himself – David Wolfe. This article contains a 6-step blueprint for excellence, greatness, the Best Day Ever, always!

Here are the essential ingredients to the Best Day Ever:

1) Choose to have the best day ever (#HTBDE) and affirm it often.

Life is but a series of choices that are either empowering or disempowering. The beauty is that it’s all up to you. So, what will you choose?

Perhaps, you’ve been choosing ‘okay’ – or worse, to feel like a victim to life’s ever-changing circumstances. If you want to upgrade the quality your life, I suggest choosing higher thoughts, words and actions immediately!

Wake up and enthusiastically tell yourself “Today Is The Best Day Ever!” The more you say it, the more you believe it and the more your experience will reflect it! It works, trust me!

BDE Experiment: Try responding to strangers with “I am the Best Ever, thank-you!” or “I hope you have the Best Day Ever!” and watch their faces light up with delight! I have such a great time doing this in public because no one expects it. The best part is that the BDE lifestyle is contagious, so you can make a massive positive impact in the world just by blessing everyone you meet with the best!

2015-09-13 17.20.42 best day

2) Surround yourself with the best ever.

I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough! We are the sum of the top 5 people we hang around, so be very mindful of who or what you choose to invest your time and energy into. A big part of the superhero transformation process is consciously editing our environments.

Here are some ways to start that today:

  • cut toxic relationships out of your life
  • leave an unfulfilling job
  • go on a yoga retreat
  • join support groups, classes, masterminds, etc
  • work with a mentor or coach
  • listen to inspiring podcasts
  • read books by an author that really speaks to you

It’s very simple; to upgrade yourself, you must edit and upgrade your friend group.

3) Express yourself creatively.

Each and every one of us is given a gift. It’s our job to find the best ways for us to use it. The easiest way to do this is to stretch ourselves, try new things and explore what makes you feel good! Wayne Dyer says when we feel good, we ‘feel God’.

David playing drums best day

A great example of someone who is constantly expressing his gifts and talents is David himself! He absolutely loves to play the drums daily and has made it a priority in his life. In fact, it’s rare to find him without sticks in his hands, playing drums in the air, or tapping away on the closest thing to him. He is a very talented musician because he discovered, nurtured and refined his gift over the years!

Personally, I love to write from my heart, sing, dance and cook! Find whatever it is that makes your heart sing and do it and do it daily!

4) Connect with nature.

Humans were not designed to be spend the entire day indoors. In fact, in order to be our next-level selves, we need a health dose of vitamin N (nature) DAILY!

2015-09-03 09.50.02 best day

David recommends a minimum of 1 hour in nature per day. I think this is a great prescription for optimal health. Not to mention, we can learn so much from nature by spending more time outdoors daily.

Ways to get your daily dose of Vitamin N include:

  • walking your dog
  • going mushroom foraging
  • gardening
  • reading or doing yoga in the park
  • cold plunges in a natural bodies of water
  • swimming in hot springs
  • harvesting wild water

5) Tune into the magic of life.

Our daily life experience is rich in lessons for us to learn and grow from. We just have to be open to see and willing to accept what is there for us.

As we begin to wake up and become more aware, we may start to notice coincidences that are inexpiable by the logical mind. At first, we may not think much of seeing repeating numbers like 11:11 or 4:44 on the clocks or thinking of a friend that you haven’t spoken to in ages and then getting a call from them but the more that you tune into these awe-inspiring events, the more they occur. Of course, these signs from the Universe are up to you to interpret but generally, they are considered signs that you are on the right track!

Always be open to following your intuition and the guidance that Life provides in these hidden messages.

6) Invest in the best ever.

If you want to be the best, you need to have, grow, drink, eat, the best! This means going out of your way to set and maintain superhero standards with everything you invest your resources into. We deserve the best supplements, healthy food, organic clothes, water, travel experience and more!

Spend the extra time, make and consume as much homemade and wild foods as possible. This way you can put as much love as possible into your creations! Growing a garden, making your own cultured vegetables, going to a local spring to harvest wild water and foraging for mushrooms are all wise investments in your health and are a fast-track to the best life ever!

Not only is eating organic, locally, wild-foraged and sustainable good for you but it also good for our community and our planet. All the more reason to invest in the best!

There you have it! How to have the Best Day Ever, Every Day in 6 Simple Steps!

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