Got Mold Jason Earle image Is there mold in your home? Is it affecting your health? I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the Got Mold Expert: Jason Earle of Got Mold – Creator of the Mold Test Kit.

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Is Mold An Issue?

According to Jason Earle, this is a huge problem that’s only gotten worse over recent years.  Why? Well, we’ve gone from living a majority of our lives in Nature. Now we limit our exposure to the mold outside, yet we are exposed to toxic mold inside.

To understand mold and your options to mitigate problems, be sure to watch the full interview below! 👇🏼

Innovations in home building saved money – first in the price of materials and then on energy costs. But at what expense to our health?

Our homes today practically invite mold into the home. Like any living thing, they need food, moisture, and a comfortable temperature to thrive.

Basically, what’s good for you is good for mold, too!

So what can you do? 

Got Mold?

Before you can answer the question, “What can I do?” you need to know what you’re dealing with. And this is where expert Jason Earle and his Got Mold Test Kit play a crucial role.

First, mold is a natural part of our living experience. Jason Earle says right off that mold shouldn’t be feared, and the situation needs to be understood.

“I think people need to realize that the building is an extension of your immune system. It’s like an exoscan or an exoskeleton. So you need to get tuned into your building just like you should get tuned into your body.” ~Jason Earle

Second, of course, mold does cause harm and needs to be mitigated in the home. But what if mold tests come back negative? Well, some tests may come back negative, but a musty smell is a clear signal.

If you don’t smell anything, though, you should still test.

got mold logoThis is where the Got Mold Test Kit comes in! Because some kits will come back negative for mold, but that’s just due to the nature of the testing.

For a quick read on strategies to limit mold in your home, check out this post:  Get Rid of Mold Safely: 5 Solutions.

Enjoy David Wolfe’s full interview with Jason Earle! 👇🏼

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And if that test does come up negative for mold, then look into sick building syndrome.