Footage showing a girl reacting to her early Christmas present has taken the web by storm – perhaps due equally to the gift’s awesome nature and her epic reaction to it.

The clip, shared by the girl’s father, shows her stumbling upon the gift, which was tucked away in the family bathroom.

“Ooh, what the hell,” she shrieks. “Did you just buy one? No, what? Is this a joke?”

Moments later, the tears begin flowing as the girl – 10-year-old Seren – realizes that, yes, the sausage puppy strolling happily in front of her is, indeed, hers.

The puppy – almost as if it senses the girl’s excitement – climbs onto her and begins stroking at her neck.

“Aww, it’s so cute,” remarks Seren.

Several commenters on the Daily Mail’s article about the surprise agree.

“Too cute,” wrote one user. “A feel good moment today.”

Another remarked, “I love how the dog is trying to comfort the girl for crying.”

“This is absolutely adorable,” said another. “Loved her reaction… Hope she and puppy have a Merry Christmas!”

Check out the awesome video here!

Have a Merry Christmas, on behalf of all staff here at! Hopefully your presents – and reactions are as epic as Seren’s.

The Daily Mail