A gas station in Seattle has enlivened the commute for residents in the area. In the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, a Chevron decided to add a dash of humor to their daily routine. Using their reader board, they display puns and chuckle-worthy thoughts that are sure to brighten up your day. The gas station employees have been sharing their wit with the area for a little over a decade, and the sign has garnered such fame as to earn its own Facebook page.

Thanks to the gas station, chuckles abound with messages such as:


This explains their tireless work ethic:


Fruit for thought:


Glad I could do my part!


It all comes down to manners.


They offer self-defense, too:


What?  Oh, grate!


What does that say about their grandchildren?


No better way to put it to the test!


And here we thought the cheese stands alone.


There’s a first time for everything!


If one is anemic, maybe so?


For more information on the humorous Wallingford Sign, watch the video below:


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