On January 31st, 2018, the world will experience a cosmic spectacle of triply epic proportions. The Moon from Leo will face off against the Sun in Aquarius to form a Full Moon, which will not only take place during a Blue Moon but a Lunar Eclipse as well.

This will not only be a sight to behold; it will also be a sight to be felt, with astrological implications for every sign. Read on to learn more about what you can expect on the night of the 31st!


This cosmic event will have an effect on your financial life. You may find yourself stressed by what seems to be a financial disaster approaching. But fear not; that disaster probably won’t take place.

Still, take an opportunity to make sure your financial situation is as in order as it can be during this period of unease.


During the astrological symphony of the 31st, you will feel a need to make some decisions in your life. These may be decisions you have been putting off for quite some time, such as correcting your work-life balance and resolving to correct your diet.


Geminis should take care to pay attention to their loved ones during this time as they will likely see said loved ones experience some challenging situations. This will probably stress you out but take care not to get overwhelmed. Focus on being there to listen to your loved ones and provide the personal support they need to get through the difficult time.


On and around January 31st, you will redefine yourself – whether you want to or not. Embrace this change and you’ll find yourself presented with an opportunity to distance yourself from the parts of your past you’ve outgrown.

If you fight this process of redefining, however, you will find yourself very stressed out and attached to the parts of your past that you really should be letting go of.


Health will be a major point of focus for you on and around the 31st. You may have been neglecting this aspect of your life quite a bit as of late. Now’s the time, however, to pay attention to your body and figure out what it needs of you.


This Lunar Eclipse will leave you largely unscathed. However, if you are especially in-tune spiritually, you will notice changes in your beliefs on and around the 31st.


The Lunar Eclipse’s effect on you will be mostly indirect. You may notice changes in the things and people around you. This can include people such as friends and family members, all the way down to the technology you use at work or home.

The former may require your support on and around the 31st while the latter may malfunction and require technical support. Take the time now to ensure that your software is up to date.


Your career will reach new heights on and around the 31st with new jobs, promotions and company expansions all coming to fruition here. If you’ve been working a job you don’t like for some time now, you may begin to see a way out of it and onto greener pastures.


On and around the 31st, you may experience a fear of mortality. You may find yourself in situations where you fear for your life. In a less literal sense, you may notice that passions inside you that once burned brightly die.

While your fears at this time will be nothing to really be afraid of, you can comfort yourself by making a will and making sure your affairs are in order.


Avoid all dangerous activities on and around the 31st as you will feel an overwhelming sense of danger at this time. Safety should become top priority in all aspects of your life, from romance to traveling and self exploration.


The Lunar Eclipse will test your love life heavily. You may feel as though your relationship becomes a battlefield, with emotions you thought were hidden coming to light in a very raw way.

If you are single, you will notice an overwhelming sense of loneliness around this time. Regardless of your romantic situation, now’s the time to evaluate where you are. Figure out what you’re doing wrong in your loneliness or your relationships and make the effort to move forward.


Your health will be your primary focus on and around the 31st. Now’s the time to get back on that diet you’ve neglected since the New Year and consider straightening out your workout routine.

Use the energy of the Lunar Eclipse as an opportunity to get yourself back on track – even if you haven’t veered too far off course.