Have you decided to change up your bathroom decor? Alternatively, are your towels just ready to retire? Either way, keep them away from the trash! Follow these easy steps to turn something old into something new, and create a comfy cozy bath rug without spending a dime!

1) Fold your towels in half, and use fabric scissors to cut one-inch strips.
If you want a unique, colorful rug, use different colored towels.

2) Stack three strips and sew the ends together on one side, then start braiding the strips.
Be sure to fold the ends under so the frayed edges do not show.

3) Braid to the end of your strips, then sew on three more strips and repeat the process.
Continue adding strips and braiding until you have one long, braided strip.

4) Start coiling the braid, and sew the pieces together as you shape the rug.

5) Sew the ends together, and you are done!