This cancer survivor, Chris Wark, beat stage 3 cancer naturally without chemoherapy. In this fantastic video, he explains why he does not support cancer charities or the “Race for the Cure.”

Chris Wark’s Story

In 2003, Chris Wark was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. He was only 26 years old at the time. This diagnosis must have been terrifying for a man his age. However, Chris took control of his care and created his own plan of attack instead of following his doctors’ plan for treatment. He had surgery to remove the tumor and refused chemotherapy. (This choice is actually pretty sound considering chemotherapy kills one normal cell for every 5 to 10 cancer cells.)

Instead of going the traditional chemo route, Chris boosted his immune system with raw, healing plant foods and natural therapies. His choice was based mostly on the future. He wanted to have children, and he knew chemotherapy might destroy that dream.

At the age of 35, Chris has done something most of us never will. He has beaten cancer! And this cancer survivor has outlived the 5-year chemo survival rate.

Cancer Survivor Speaks Out

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(h/t: The Mind Unleashed)