Bupleurum is a herb that’s often used as a natural remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve liver function. Research has shown that the herb’s roots can help treat various types of liver disorders, including cirrhosis. Thanks to its hepaprotective, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and chemopreventive properties, bupleurum health benefits are quite impressive. (1)

Bupleurum Health Benefits

1. Improves Liver Function and Detoxification

Bupleurum health benefits include the ability to improve liver function and aid in the detoxification process. If you’re looking for a natural way to cleanse your liver, bupleurum is it. The herb works to rid the liver of harmful waste and other toxins that accumulate due to alcohol, processed foods, medications and environmental pollution.

2. Prevents and Treats Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer

Research has shown that bupleurum health benefits include the ability to prevent and treat cirrhosis, a progressive liver disease that can be caused by alcohol consumption and hepatitis C. Studies have shown that bupleurum has powerful protective effects on the liver. Researchers at Osaka City University Medical School in Japan found that bupleurum health benefits also include the ability to help prevent liver cancer in patients with cirrhosis. (2)

3. Boosts Adrenal Gland Function

Bupleurum health benefits include the ability to boost adrenal gland function. The herb can be used in combination with licorice and panax ginseng to naturally stimulate the adrenal glands. Buplerum helps to balance hormones and improve energy levels.

4. Relieves Epilepsy Episodes

Studies have shown that bupleurum health benefits include the ability to relieve epilepsy episodes. In preliminary trials, researchers found that herbal formulas containing bupleurum, licorice root, ginseng root, cassia bark, ginger root, peony root, jujube fruit and Asian skullcap root were able to offer relief to epilepsy patients.

5. Fights Ovarian Cancer

Bupleurum health benefits include the ability to fight ovarian cancer. In a 2015 study, researchers found that bupleurum was able to induce powerful cancer-killing effects on ovarian cancer cells. The herb encouraged cancer cell shrinkage and the disruption of energy metabolism of cancer cells. The research suggests that bupleurum may have a potential future as a natural cancer treatment. (3)

6. Treats Depression Caused by PMS or Menopause

Studies have shown that bupleurum health benefits include the ability to treat depression linked to PMS or menopause. Many people who suffer from anxiety or depression reach for mood-stabilizing drugs for relief. Anxiety and depression medications help to increase serotonin in the brain to induce positive feelings. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that liver qi stagnation is the main cause of depression. They often use an herbal remedy that contains bulpeurum to help treat stagnation and increase energy flow. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, bupleurum health benefits include the ability to treat depression that occurs in women during premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

Potential Side Effects

Some reported side effects of bupleurum include increased bowel movements, intestinal gas and drowsiness. Avoid bupleurum if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you suffer from diabetes, a bleeding disorder or an autoimmune disease.

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