Constant pain or discomfort is a common disorder that affects over 100 million people in the USA. Unfortunately, when it comes to chronic pain, Western medicine just doesn’t cut it. Medications are commonly used to mask the pain, but real medical treatment options under the American medical-pharmaceutical mafia are not legally allowed.

Medication often taken for pain tends to have a list of side effects attached to them or cannot be taken for extended periods of time. Many pharmaceutical medications damage the liver with prolonged use.

However, if one takes a look at ancient or alternative forms of medicine, a simple legal solution can be found. One alternative form of medicine is called reflexology. In reflexology, every part of the body is connected to a point in your hand or on your feet (or on your face or your ears or your neck). By pressing or massaging these trigger points, chronic pain or illness can be addressed.


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Palm reflexology works on the premise, and if one knows what points of the hand correspond with the pain, they can press or massage that point once or twice a day to relieve pain or remove discomfort. Massaging the general areas is also a good method. Alternatively, one can press the point for 5 seconds, release for three, and repeat for a couple of minutes. Performing these little exercises daily can help to improve and even remove pain.

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In the video below, a reflexologist is using her knowledge to help some audience members with their chronic issues. The problems mentioned are constipation and bloating, insomnia and exhaustion, sinus congestion, upper back pain, and low libido. The reflexologist demonstrates all the methods used to treat these issues and all of them can be done at home or in the office. They look like standard hand exercises anyone would be doing at their desk.

She explains what the exercises should feel like and what sensations they should produce. She is also good at pointing out that one will feel differences when massaging up the fingers or around the thumb; tighter areas may mean that those areas require more attention. She reminds us to take it easy because one can over do it in the beginning.

She also states that going to see a professional reflexologist is a good idea for chronic pain issues. A reflexologist is trained to find the problems and will even be able to instruct the patient on how to perform the best presses or massages for the problem.

The exercises shown below are easy to follow and complete. They are also safe to perform daily and have no side effects.

Take a look at the video below to learn some basic palm reflexology points and how to treat common problems through pressure points.

What do you think about reflexology? Fact or fake? Has any of you tried reflexology?

Let us know your experiences with reflexology!

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