You may be asking yourself, why do I need beard oil? The truth is, if you’re going to have a beard, it needs to be well-groomed and clean. That means more than just washing it in the shower. A proper beard oil can help make sure your beard looks and smells amazing. Furthermore, this beard oil recipe can help fight bacterial growth within your beard. It will also keep your beard and your skin well-hydrated. Learn more below!

This beard oil recipe helps fight acne, hydrates your beard and smells great!

Coconut oil is the first ingredient in this beard oil recipe. It will not only keep your beard and skin moisturized, it will also kill bacteria that may be lurking within your beard. (1) In this way, it helps fight against acne breakouts. Alternatively, you can use almond oil, or use it in conjunction with the coconut oil. Almond oil is great for dry skin!

Sandalwood has a woodsy, sweet aroma. It will help you maintain mental clarity throughout the day and help you to remain calm. Cederwood is earthy and sweet, but is also antiseptic. It has strong ties with abundance and wisdom, making it a great choice for beard care.

For this Beard Oil Recipe, You Will Need:

  • Coconut oil or almond oil
  • Two different essential oils. For this recipe, we recommend you use cedarwood essential oil and sandalwood essential oil. You may instead choose to use lavender, peppermint, tea tree or eucalyptus.
  • Comb
  • Tablespoon
  • Small container with lid


  1.  Heat up some coconut oil so it has more liquid than solid.
  2. Mix in 7 drops of each essential oil and stir.
  3. With your fingertips, dab small amounts on either side of your beard, on your chin, and into your mustache.
  4.  Comb the mixture throughout your beard to distribute it evenly.
  5.  The coconut oil will solidify, but with each reapplication, it should melt with your body heat.

For a demonstration on making this beard oil recipe, watch the video: